Oh, Oh Shrimpie (singing to the tune of Prince’s “Oh Sheila”)

Um yeah, I don’t know…just go with it and sing it in your head!  :)

It’s crazy busy at work again (read as: “still”) and having laptop issues last night didn’t help a bit.  I slept almost at midnight uninstalling stuff and clearing cache, etc.  I woke up at 3am to see if anything was better.  Nope.  called my helpdesk at work and all they could do at that point was log a ticket. Woke up at 7am to see if anything has improved.  Nada.

Anywho, laptop issues have now been resolved, but don’t you wish you could just call HelpDesk on your kids at times?  I, mean, I guess that’s what Nannies/Babysitters/grandmas are for, but um, we are not privy to that right now in our new mid-western life.  Too bad my MIL left already – she was a great help!   Shrimpie’s been more than a handful lately…more than 2 handfuls or 3 even.

As of 1pm CST, Shrimpie has managed to:

A) Wake up at 8:30am.
B) Wake up her sisters (by hitting them).
C) Beat up her sisters throughout the morning.
D) Climb chairs and furniture.
E) Spill water all over bathroom sink.
F) Be roommates with Buddy (in Buddy’s crate!).
G) Catch some “Bubble Guppies” and “Sesame Street”.
H) Throw cereal all over the table and floor.
I) Break an egg by throwing it onto the kitchen floor.
J) Nap.
K) All of the above…


never a dull moment w/this girl! she got herself in the crate and was trying to close it.  thank goodness Buddy is such a great tempered dog!


Sad Face :(

We’ll be back to ho-hum after this afternoon.  Last of our guests go back later :( sad face indeed.

Hubby’s side was with us for the past 11 days (with work crazy earlier this month and then guests, posting was on hiatus)…SIL and her fam drove back to TX on Sunday…PIL will head back to NJ this afternoon.  Back to just us :(

Wonder if we’ll go through withdrawal.  10 people in a 2 bedroom townhouse for 8 days and then down to 7 for another 3…Believe it or not, there was no bloodshed ;)


I have to have one of the worst genetics of the modern world…ok, maybe First World.    Between my 2 parents, I have a slew of checks all over the “Family Health History” section of any Dentist/Doctor questionnaire.

High Blood Pressure?  Check.  Heart Disease?  Check.  Cancer?  Check.  Diabetes? Check.

That’s just to name a few.  Add in my grandparents and I can check off more:  Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s or Schizophrenia or ???  At least, that’s what we think…she refuses to go to the doctor and keeps thinking she’s in the WWII era (with enemies and soldiers surrounding her house.  She refuses to leave and doesn’t really let people in.  She forgets people.  She hears people – dead people.  Maybe she’s just got the “Sixth Sense” going on).

My faux pas?  I didn’t take care of myself better, earlier.  I spent way too many days not eating right – whether it’s junk food all day or skipping meals or what have you.  I had my fair share of drinks.  I smoked for over 10 years.  I drank too much coffee (cigs and coffee just went better together).  I used to, and sometimes still can, get stressed beyond belief either by things around me or thinking too much.  What things around me?  Before it was going to school and work at the same time.  Then it was added drama over boys then crazy work hours (which, apparently, can still happen b/c i worked 12 hours this past Saturday).   There were times I used to drive home and see the sunrise and it wasn’t because I was partying all night long.  Nope, you could have called me at work in the wee hours of the morning and I would have answered my phone at my desk….but I digress.  What else?   I cared too much about what people thought and stressed myself silly trying to please EVERYONE.  I mean EVERY.ONE.  I realize now how idiotic I must have been.  I remember that I got an indirect insult and laughed it off with a “ha ha…whatever…no, it’s not blah-blah-blah” or something along those lines instead of telling that person off.  All so I wouldn’t cause a stir and have an enemy.  I’m also a crazy worry wart that worries about everyone and everything.  I’m better at this now though, I just worry about my own and not everyone else.

So now?  These years of not taking care of myself have caught up to me.  I’m overweight. My skin is horrid!  No amount of make-up can cover my adult acne scars and large pores.

pic courtesy of nickjr.com

My hair is thinning…doesn’t help that my dad went bald at a young age (around mine actually, I think…mid-30s).  He only has hair on the sides of his head.  Much like “Ye Ye” on “Ni Hao Kailan” (see pic on left).  Ye Ye = Grandfather in Chinese.  When the girls first saw an episode, they started saying “Ye-Ye” looks like their “Lolo” (grandfather in Tagalog…I just learned that “Ye Ye” is for paternal grandfather, but they were referring to mine).  Anyway, it also doesn’t help that my mom’s hair is thinning out, but she’s at least 63 and not 34.

My acid reflux is making a mean come back (I was diagnosed w/Esophagitis in my early 20s).  I have heartburn and acid to the point where I feel like I’m going to throw up once I have anything that triggers it.  My heartburn is also throwing me off because now I think I’m having chest pains.  Not messing with chest pains so I finally found a doctor around here that is accepting new patients (just to recap, we moved from NJ to IL this past Fall and finding doctors/dentists is never a fun, or easy, task).  I didn’t realize you had to be “accepted” by doctors.  I had to ask if they took new patients.  Then, the Dr.’s receptionist got my info and called me back 2 days later saying, “OK, Dr. So-and-So will accept you as a new patient”.  Wow.  Seriously?  Did they have to check if my insurance would pay out enough???

In any case, knowing that my genetics, pretty much, suck, I really need to start taking care of myself better.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up anything just yet.  We’ll see what the results are (after I even take any of tests.  First appt isn’t until 1st week of July). I loves me some steak and I’m too stressed (with work) lately to give up me beers, mateys!  When it’s time to unwind, not going to front, I haves me a beer or 2 (or wine if I’m crazy stressed in the colder months).  Then, sometimes, that reflux kicks in…ah…can’t win.

Posting from the Park

Been so crazy busy w/work (and other stuff) lately that I can’t even just add picture links to the posts in draft mode….like the finale to my Mother’s Day Surprise.  I’m glad I wrote that draft when I had a bit more time because it’s a wordy one, y’all…anyway, seems like my only “free” time to post (via phone) is now – while “watching” Beans at pre-ball practice.  I guess, technically, I’m still not “free”.

Being busy has definitely worn me out. I ran all of once in 2wks, but I can’t even call it that.  I woke up late Monday and was just able to get on the ‘mill for all of 15mins…still on week5 in couch to 5k.  I think I gave mysef an anxiety attack about running 20 mins straight for week 5 day 3 that I just stalled myself…grrr…get a grip, Steph!

I really, really need to step up this workout thing.  My midesction is still looking like I’m 7months+ pregnant, but I popped my last baby a year and 8 months ago.

Being busy has also messed up my wannabe fashionista comeback.  I’m back to jeans/shorts and a tee and sneakers (bc my toesies are in desperate need of a pedi!).  Such a shame bc I’m loving some of my new purchases that finally came – jewelry and new jeans, etc.  I did have a non-tee outfit last week, but of course, we were rushing off somewhere and hen we got home, it was back to work for me….

Hopefully things will let up soon…I’ve got some crazy big news up my sleeve ;)

Overwhelmed-ness Continues

As in the week was crazy busy w/work and after work “to do’s”…as in I am working NOW!  For the past 8 hours!  On a SATURDAY!  Too bad I don’t get paid OT.  Can’t complain much though, I do work from home :)

Hope next week frees up a bit more…feel like I’m about to explode w/blog posts swirling in my head!