WW: 18 Months

shrimpie w/heels
This past Monday, my lil Shrimpie-pie (aka Shrimpie aka Shrimpipay aka Shrimp) turned 18 months…already! 18 months and I still haven’t written up her birth story. Poor gal came around w/bad timing w/regards to me blogging. Actually, her active lil self is one of the reasons that kept me from blogging…along with, say, moving out of state and having to pack up a whole house by myself for 6 weeks…and whatever else.

Anyway, since I’ve got Mom-Guilt all over me for not posting her birth story or each and every milestone (she started walking at 8.5 months, just in case you were wondering) or first word (which, of course, was “da-da”. In fact, she just started calling me “mommy” at 14 months) or when she cut her first tooth (ummm…I’ll have to dig up my planner for this one), here are some pics of Shrimp in 6 month increments :)

Shrimpie born…09.19.2010 at 9lbs 12.4oz (yes, I needed an Emergency C-Section!) Her Aunt nicknamed her “siopao” after this pic (“siopao” = chinese white steamed pork buns) b/c of her round cheeks and roundness in general. Yeah, “Shrimp” my arse…more like “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Prawnie” or “Lobster”. In the end, “shrimpie” still stuck as her nickname. Do you know she still doesn’t know her real name? We’ve tried calling her by it and she doesn’t even budge. We’ll work on that, eventually.
shrimp born

Next few are Shrimpie at 6 months:
shrimpie 6 months

shrimpie 6 months - yum

In distress b/c she HATED her playpen:
shrimp @6months

This is Shrimp on her 1st birthday dinner celebration at our old house. This was such a happy, yet sad time for us. Happy because she turned 1, but sad because pDaddy and Beans were already in Illinois so could only join us via Skype…
shrimp 1

And here is she is…at 18 months – donning Razz’ heels and Beans’ TKD helmet…Makes me wonder, will she be all out girlie-girl princess like Razz or “sporty spice” like Beans? In these pics, she’s the best of both :):
shrimpie 18 months w/heels & helmet

shrimpie w/TKD helmet

Don’t let her shy and demure “look” fool you. She is one rambunctious child who, more than once, has climbed up the stairs (pre-gate), climbs on top of coffee and dining room tables and chairs and couches and you name it. This girl has NO FEAR. She knows how to work her charm too. When she is being reprimanded, she will bat her lashes, wave and say “hi” then proceed to hug you. Never a boring day with this one, that’s for sure. Sorry for not writing your Birth Story yet, Shrimpie-baby…maybe by the time you’re 2, or 20, I’ll get it up and done. It’s an interesting story, that’s for sure…

Wordful Wednesday Post…

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Oh, Sunny Day!

shrimp on the swing

Shrimpie relaxed on the swing

To say that we had a pretty mild winter is an understatement. Moving out to the midwest, we were bracing ourselves for subzero temps and crazy winds all winter. We probably had those days about 7 times…total. Now, it’s 64 degrees and sunny and it’s going to be in the low to mid-70s all week. LOVE THIS WEATHER! LOVE! IT! I really wish I could just bottle up and open it up on drab days…or sell it! Hello, beaucoup buck$$$$…

But, with all this warm weather, allergies start earlier and so do bugs coming out. We went out this weekend and saw flies…lil baby flies on my truck’s windshield…just hangin around being all hunky dory. But flies this early in March? Ewww…makes me wonder about mosquitos. This will be our first spring/summer here so I’m wondering how bad the mosquitoes are. I hate mosquitoes…I’m sure pDaddy hates mosquitoes only for the mere fact that I complain about mosquitoes and their bites incessantly all summer long…

I’m just hoping our allergies aren’t as bad as they were in NJ. In NJ, we lived pretty close to a park w/an abundance of Cherry Blossoms so yeah, our allergies were HORRIFIC! It used to be my alarm clock…4 / 5 am, my sneezing would start! And of course, Razz and her allergies that trigger her asthma and have landed her in the hospital 2x w/one of those times in the PICU.

But, let’s focus on the fun, shall we? SPRING FEVER has hit and what do I usually do first? Get a much needed foot spa pedicure. I’ve no idea if I’m going to go for my dark, brown / vampy colors or a frenchie or a pinkish nude, but I know I’m going to go for one tonight. hmmm…I would LOVE to get a coral / tangerine one, but my legs are still so very Cullen-like (aka Pale…yes, that was a reference to TWILIGHT…yes, I’m still a TWIHARD, but not as much as before…until I watch the next flick, I’m sure).

This past weekend started the beautiful weather streak and so we hit the park. Don’t let that pic above fool you. Apparently, Shrimp is now afraid of swings and if you don’t distract her and make her laugh, she will squeal and cry and scream w/that screechy scream of her.

Shrimp’s not a big fan of the swings (though she really used to be), but remembered she LOVES the slide. She didn’t want to pose for this pic and just wanted to slide down already!

Shrimp just wanted to gooooo

Oh, I LOVE this weather!

WW: Leap Year Edition – my lil fashionista

Happy Leap Year everybody! Well, what are we actually celebrating today anyway? Just adding a day to counteract some shift [in time and place] (just kidding…or not…just like that it made it sound very “Lost”-ish. Man I miss that show).

So, it’s Wordful Wednesday (WW) and I haven’t posted since the beginning of the month…crazy month, this February. I’ve missed posting about the NYGiants winning the Superbowl (gotta love Eli!!!), the LINSANITY that’s taken over the NYKnicks, Valentine’s Day, a visit from Mum, a trip to Chicago, working out and I don’t know what else. I hope to catch up on it all, but we’ll have to see. Time just loves to slip from me.

Anyway, let’s go ahead w/WW and just to add some cuteness to this page…Here’s my lil 4 year old fashionista, Razz:

My lil fashionista

Razz is our little “Posh Spice”. This is the “compromised” outfit for running to the grocery to get some water. She wanted to wear a dress or skirt. I said no and she pleaded saying it’s sunny and not that cold (which is true, but it’s VERY windy). So, we agreed to jeans w/a design so she looks “stylin”, pink and a flower in her hair. It probably took longer to put this outfit together and get it on that it was to get to the grocery store (it’s just up the block…not even 1/2 a mile away). Maybe I should have let her just wear her skirt. If this girl could wear skirts and dresses everyday, she’d be in heaven. She hates the winter because she needs to wear jeans or pants. She didn’t even like the fact that she had to wear tights IF/when I let her wear a skirt/dress, but she’s gotten used to the idea. Still, she wishes it was summer all the time or that we were in the Phlippines again (we were there this past November) so that she could always wear a dress or skirt. No, we are not looking forward to her pre-teen/teen years.

Fashionista in the making

Vest: Old Navy – fall 2011
Jeans: Old Navy circa 2008 or 2009 – hand me down from Beans
Hello Kitty Shirt: gifted
Black long sleeve: Target Circo shirt (w/christmas tree sparkly design)
Boots: Target – Circo circa 2008 – hand me down from Beans also
Flower in her hair: Hobby Lobby

In other news, I ran into these in the grocery and it put such a HUGE smile on my face. I’ve been looking for these everywhere and haven’t found them ANYWHERE since last summer. I had to buy overpriced DOVE Chocolate ones. These are probably my all time favorite (“junk”) snack (next to Terra Chips): dark chocolate covered almonds. Damn chocolate! Always messes up my working out and diet mo-jo…But hey, at least they are DARK chocolate ;)

Dark Chocolate Almonds

mmm…come to momma…

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WW: Rashes and Fevers and Hives, Oh my!

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve done a “Wordful Wednesday” and it’s about high time I get back into it…So, let’s hope this gets me back in the groove with it..

Week 3 of the New Year wasn’t so grand for us.  A LOT of resolutions were broken…no work outs, no eating healthy, no family fun night, no blogging.  Still, laundry was done and the girls helped me pair socks, that’s gotta count for something.

So, what, prey tell kept everything at bay and amiss at the same time?  Our 16 month old, Shrimp.  The Shrimpie.  The Shrimpmeister woke up from her nap on Tuesday with a fever.  We gave her meds, she was fine for the rest of the day and night.  Fast forward to 2AM.  She woke up wailing and why wouldn’t she?  She was burning up…meds and milk, and back to sleep.  Now it’s Wednesday morning and baby girl keeps scratching.  I just think her eczema acting up.  I go to change her and lift up her shirt and BAM, baby girl’s got little red bumps all over. 
rashes turned to hives on her back
Have no idea what’s causing her to have all of this, but it just continues to spread throughout the day.  Gave her a small dose of Benadryl, but it wasn’t working. 

starting to look like weltsNext thing you know, the hives were all over her back and side AND were starting to connect and look like welts.  Her face starts to get splotchy, but not yet affected and neither are her extremities. 

Her fever is still around and hitting high temps…oh you know, 104.7 F…no big deal…YEAH, OK.  Plus, she started getting little red bumps on her arms and legs now too.  I took her into Urgent care where they diagnosed her w/an ear infection and possible Strep Throat b/c of her rashes(??? I never knew Strep and rashes/hives correlated).  They took a Rapid Strep test which was negative, but have no clue what the hives are all about now that Strep got ruled out.  I was told to give her a full dose of Benadryl every 6 hours and antibiotics for her ear infection AND let’s not forget the fever meds.  Usually, she doesn’t mind taking meds.  This time around, she is fighting with all her might and fighting so hard sometimes that throws it all up…

hives spread to her face
2 days later, the rashes are clearing from her back and neck area – where they were the most prominent on the 1st day. Now, they are spreading to her face.  I take her to see her regular Pediatrician on Friday and when we walk in there, her cheeks are red.  Immediately, he thinks she has “5th Disease” – the “Slapped Cheeks Syndrome“.  But mind you, she just started getting them on her face that day.  Still, he says it should pass and if she continues to have a fever on Monday, that I should bring her back.

Her face clears up by Sunday night…Her fever lingers a bit on Monday, but finally goes away. I think she’s finally out of the woods now (keeping fingers crossed!).

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Resolutions: Week 2 of the New Year…

Chutes & Ladders! In keeping w/our Family Resolutions,we played “Chutes and Ladders” last night. Of course, we had to wait until Shrimp took one of her quick naps because she was ALL over the board and game pieces. 4 year old Razz has been great w/helping w/the laundry by pairing socks!

Now, I didn’t add “more home cooked meals and NEW recipes” onto our Family Resolutions, but we are trying to do that as well. Last night’s dinner was slow cooked Ropa Vieja. It didn’t look as pretty as the picture from the recipe, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was a bit bland…definitely adding a little bit more salt next time.

Snow Sisters 2012As for MY resolutions, I have been more patient w/my girls, though I could be even more so I’m working on that still. I have been good w/my skincare routine and also looking more put together when heading out. As for exercise, that’s a negative, but it’s also because I’ve been fighting bad acid reflux lately so I spend a lot of time being all miserable and heart-burny. Then, we got SNOW yesterday – our 1st real snow of the season! That made jogging outdoors impossible and forget trying to get to the gym.

I still need to work on the letting go of the past thing, but all others are pretty much lining up nicely. Look, 3 blog entries in 1 week! WOOT! I even took pics while cooking yesterday! Unfortunately, no nice pics of snow…it was BITTER cold and windy. We only left the house to pick up the big girl from school. It’s also hard when I have my 15 month old to carry around b/c she can’t figure out how to walk on the snow yet and I wouldn’t let her anyway. The wind was blowing snow everywhere so the grounds were very uneven – one spot had barely a dusting…the next step had snow up half my leg! Hard to see from that pic, but at least you can see some spots where the grass is popping out and then you see the girls with their feet / ankles buried a few feet later!

So, how are you doing with your resolutions or were you one of those that “resolved not to make resolutions” (I’ve done that as well…hehehe).