Mommy Time Out

she looks so cute, doesn't she?  looks can be deceiving...

she looks so cute and innocent, doesn’t she? looks can be deceiving…

Can Mommy get a Time Out?  PLEEEEEEEEEASE???

That is how I felt Monday and last night.  Shrimp outdid herself and brought Terrible Two’s to new heights, AGAIN.  She started off by sleeping late Sunday night then waking up late on Monday – around 11/11:30.  Then, she proceeded to:

  • hit Razz multiple times.
  • scream/sqiueal and cry whenever she didn’t get what she wanted.
  • WRITE on our WHITE leather couches.  This is what threw me over the edge.  We usually hang out in the basement/play area where the couches are BLACK, but I had to start taking down Christmas so we stayed upstairs.  It took me 10 minutes of constant scrubbing to get MOST of it off.  There are still faint lines and scribbles everywhere.

After being reprimanded and such, she calmed down for a good 2 minutes and was back to hitting Razz again…then proceeded to try to play with the laptop which I was banning her from because she was so bad earlier on.  Razz tried to help keep her away from the laptop.  Know what that means?  More hitting.  She also then decided she was going to scream and squeal and cry again – WHILE I WAS ON A CONFERENCE CALL because she wasn’t allowed to do what she wanted.  In addition, she decided she was going to JUMP on the laptop.

Once all that was said and done, she decided she wasn’t going to eat breakfast or lunch until way after mealtime was over.

I don’t even know what finally made her calm down, but I think it was Dora or Umi Zoomi and it was only on because I felt so bad for poor Razz that I said she could watch TV and Shrimp snuck in and started to watch too.

She was good for a few hours and then started acting up again at night.  She woke up late so she didn’t nap and was out by 9pm – THANK GOODNESS.  HOWEVER, she woke up around 12am acting like she just took a nap so she was up again for an hour or so.  This time, she proceeded to hitting, no PUNCHING, me.

I do have to say, her screaming and squealing and crying and screeching had 1 advantage so far…when we were standing in a looooong line at the airport coming back from Jamaica, she decided she had enough and made all kinds of a ruckus.  I  mean nothing could calm her down – toys, my phone, milk, food, etc.  Officials eventually  escorted us to the FRONT of the line…essentially cutting over 150 people.  Not one person gave us a dirty look.  But, her antics had one positive outcome…1…

From what I recall, Terrible Two’s last until almost 4.  At least it did for the other 2, but they weren’t terrible at all now that we have witnessed Shrimp and her antics.

*calgon…take me away!*

Meet Parker

elfonashelfOk, we did it, we adopted an “Elf on the Shelf” little buddy.  I was hesitant at first, but as long as he’s not in my face when I wake up, I guess it’s fine (my sister shares the same sentiment).  After a gazillion names being thrown out there, we all settled on “Parker”.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we just watched “Amazing Spiderman” and well, his name is “Peter Parker”.Other names were:  “Woody”, “Eli”, “Sebastian”, “Hagrid” (yes, the big guy from “Harry Potter”)  and I don’t even remember the others anymore.

Beans is 7 now and is the most excited out of everyone.  The other morning she squealed and laughed so hard when she found him – hanging around our tree!  I was upstairs and heard her!  I love this age…when the spirit of Christmas is so alive and the age off innocence is full on kicking!   Beans was the one actually asking for it all the time since the week of Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean that the other 2 gals don’t have fun looking for him either…


While the girls were making ornaments, I read them the story and that started our little guy’s adventures!

He was too tired to move one night, but I think he’s got himself rested up goes back to report to Santa every night since.

Here’s where we’ve been finding him lately…

I can’t wait to see where else he ends up!

WW: WYSIWYG – not…

First of all, how many out there even know what WYSIWYG means or is that something common now? hmmm…how many of you REMEMBER when that term first came about? Am I totally dating myself here?

Judging from these pictures, these look to be 2 lil girls having fun on a bike. Truth of the matter is, we just let them take the bike up and down the driveway to enjoy a beautiful, sunny, warm Fall day. Razz is actually walking around with walking pneumonia while the other has similar symptoms, but wasn’t diagnosed w/the same. Both are nebulizing every 4 hours…yes, even through the night. Both are on a 5 day antibiotic regimen. Razz is also on an oral steroid (she has the walking pneumonia and has a history of being hospitalized for asthma) and will need to take a maintenance med (singulair’s finally got a generic brand-woot-woooooo!) after she’s done w/her 5 day doses. So, no, What You See Is Not What You Get in this instance…this is just them, enjoying a beautiful day sans coughing fit…when in reality, they’re doing this every 4 hours… #beingsicksux















For more WW (wordful wednesday) entries, check out angie’s blog and parentingfordummies….and woot-wooooo, my post from last week was one of their recommended posts…gotta be shrimpie’s best pic ever… ;)

2 sick kiddos = 1 exhausted momma


she’s the sick one, but she’s giving me kisses! my litttle shrimpie…sweet terror

I love the fall…the leaves changing colors…boots, sweaters and cool crisp air.  I just hate when that cool air actually ends up being cold and swoops in out of nowhere.  One day we are at a high of 77 and the next, 40 something with lows in the low 30s. That’s just got “sick” written all over it.

Yup, Razz & Shrimp are both sick.  Started last Wednesday w/Razz complaining of headaches and then coming down with a fever.  Shrimp followed suit the next day.  Thursday, Razz starts a little cough and by Saturday, her throat was hurting a lot and Shrimp was also coughing too.  Fevers were on and off since Wednesday.  Took them to the doctor yesterday and Razz has Walking Pneumonia.  Shrimp doesn’t, but both will be nebulizing every 4 hours and on antibiotics.  Razz has the added dose of some steroid and then Singulair once all the meds are done (after 5 days).

Neither of my babies are sleeping well and so that means, neither is this BZMomma :(  But, whatever, I just hope they get well soon.  Razz has been hospitalized 2x (2009 and 2010) for her asthma and even ended up in PICU back then.  I don’t want her back in the hospital.  GAH…I hate feeling so helpless when they get sick.  Shrimpie is more vibrant and playful today, Razz…just woke up so we’ll see.  I’m starting to feel an itch in my throat and I’m just really hoping there’s nothing more in store for me or the rest of our family…


Stay well!