You Capture – A Happy Story: Potty Training Razz

Perfect timing for this post b/c I finally am participating in the YOU CAPTURE challenge again. This week’s theme? TELL YOUR HAPPY STORY. The Holidays, of course, make me happy (for the most part), but I will not let Razz’ Potty Training get overshadowed any longer!

We got Razz a potty over the summer, but Razz was always scared to go potty for some reason or another. She would sit, but needed her diapie on. Then, there were days she just wouldn’t deal with it. Here was where I tried back on 10/21/2009 – short lived!

pDaddy started seriously potty training Razz on Saturday, November 7. He was downstairs with the girls while I continued the “Great Cleanup of 2009″ upstairs. He let Razz go around w/no diapies, no undies, no pants. He’s brave that hubby of mine! Good thing we have only rugs and hardwood floors (I think I would freak out if we had wall to wall carpeting).

She was a big ‘ol mess, as expected, the first day. A few more accidents on Day 2 and 3. But, by the 4th day, she was PERFECT!

She still has a few accidents here and there. I think she went 5 days with being perfect, then had a couple of mishaps. Then perfect again for a few more days and then another mishap. Still, she’s doing well and has to have been the earliest potty trained kid I know of. She was at 2 years and 2 months when she hit her first few days of perfection ;)

Here she is on 11/14/2009 – 1 week after (sorry it’s blurry!):
razz on the potty w/big sis coaching ;)

The other night, she did have some accidents – mainly happens when she can’t get her pants down fast enough (and she won’t always ask for help – Lil Miss Independent that she is) or when she’s really distracted (aka EVERYONE around on Thanksgiving), but she’s done did good ;)

So PROUD of my lil’ RAZZcal :)

PS – I’ve been meaning to post this for so long, but feared I might jinx her progress. I’m still scared it might, but whatevs, she deserves her recognition!


We’ve been so busy round these parts for the past couple of weeks that it’s taking me forever to go thru and sort pictures that I want to post.

Just a quick run down –

  • We’ve been Potty Training Razz.
  • We went to Disney on Ice.
  • We spent a weekend in Atlantic City.
  • We had Thanksgiving at my sister’s place.
  • I did some major damage on scrapbooking materials/tools on Black Friday.
  • We’ve been spending time w/my SIL and her family who are up here from Texas visiting for 3 weeks. I can’t believe this is actually their LAST week here!
  • Had some fun times w/friends and family w/get togethers.

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of pictures and updates! Work’s not been so crazy, but there’s decorating to be done, Christmas cards to be made and mailed and pictures to sort through.

The easiet post will come up shortly – showcasing my Black Friday deals on Scrapbooking tools :) I’ll have to work backwords from there :)

Hope you all had a wonderful, filling, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Back to Reality

We got back from vacation late Tuesday night (flight came in at 11:35pm after travelling for over 24 hours)and back to work on Wednesday. We’re jet lagging like crazy – 12 hour difference takes it’s toll, you know! I have tons of pics and vids to sort through and hopefully will do a “travel” blog recapping our adventures for 3 weeks in the Philippines…stay tuned.

But first things first, I’d like to announce that Little Miss Razz poopied in the pottie this morning! She peed once before we left for vacation and didn’t really attempt it again until this morning! She just gave 9/11 a happier meaning :)

To those who perished, RIP. To those left behind, stay strong.

PS – WHERE did the summer go? I know before we left, we were finally feeling the summer heat, but I’m hearing it lasted all of 2 weeks? Today, it’s 60s and raining???


That is how many days Beans has been:





The girl, she makes me proud!

Her continuous potty training began on January 17. She is “potty trained” (crosses fingers) as of 5 days ago which is February 21…not bad, not bad. Of course, there was about 2-3 weeks of constant “accident” induced laundry (omg…the loads of laundry!!!), but it has slowed down. I’m not sure if she’s really “trained”, but I will take it :)

She wakes in the morning – dry. She wakes up from her nap – dry. We go to family functions / parties and get out of the car – dry. I’m almost ready to say she is potty trained! Sometimes I don’t even put Pull-Ups (aka “big girl shorts”) on her anymore and just use Dora and Mickey/Minnie Undies. She still stays dry (and clean)! Of course, I probably just jinxed it b/c she has been napping for over 2 hours now and she will probably wake up wet. Let’s just hope not.

Here’s what she says to the whole thing:  “no more diapies…i’m a big girl now.”

edited to add:

she just woke up after a 3 hour and 45 minute nap…DRY!


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