Welcome RAZZ :)

Razz was born on 09.15.2007.  She weighed 7lbs and 6oz and was 20 inches long.  Here’s her birth story…

I was induced on Friday, 09.14.2007 at 12:30pm since I would be 40 weeks on 09.15.2007 and I had Gestational Diabetes.  Nurses were all a fret that the baby would be too big if we waited any longer.  I was a possible candidate for a C-Section, but I refused to go that route right away.  I asked to try a natural birth first (with epidural of course).  The epi was placed later that afternoon and the waiting game began…

My water broke at 11:07pm, right when I was finally trying to catch some sleep.  The pressure was intense, but little Razzcal didn’t come out to scare us until 1:15am…

They told me to push so I pushed maybe 4 times and then the Dr. was telling me not to push anymore and to wait a second.  I didn’t push, but Razz pushed herself out.  Instead of happiness and celebration, the Dr.’s usually jolly voice and personality changed to a more serious tone.  Razz’ cord was wrapped tightly around her neck and apparently, my cord was short so when she came out, it got even tighter.  Her face was blue.  She didn’t cry right away – even after all the suctioning.  The Dr., not pDaddy, had to cut the cord and walked Razz to the warming station – he usually just hands the baby to the nurses at that point.  They all tried to get her to cry and respond by patting her back and moving her around.  I saw her body turn gray.  The nurses then said to call PEDS (pediatrics) and that’s when I knew we might lose her.  Panic struck my face and pDaddy, holding my hand, told me it was all ok.  I was ready to break down.  He didn’t think I could see what was going on, but I saw it all…Finally, they “bagged” her (put the oxygen mask on her).  Peds Dr. came, but by the time she walked in the door, Razz FINALLY started crying.

Finally, we were relieved to hear her cry, but could not believe we almost lost our little girl.  What a fighter 🙂  I finally got to hold her in my arms w/all her color back to normal.  pDaddy and I still couldn’t believe what almost happened.  All throughout the pregnancy, she was doing well.  Even the ultrasound the week before showed no cord wrapped around anywhere.  Her heart rate during the whole labor process was fine except towards the very end when they told me to wear an oxygen mask.  Still, we didn’t think it could go that badly. 

I thanked the Lord for blessing us with our beautiful little girl at the end of it all and prayed we wouldn’t have to go through that ever again.

-ps- Razz’ pics will be posted on Flickr once I catch up with uploading there…Pics will only be viewable by “Friends and Family.”


4 thoughts on “Welcome RAZZ :)

  1. Wow! That is a scary, scary thing. I have a friend that lost her baby full term due to a cord accident. It is more common than I ever imagined. Allie had the cord around her neck in-utero and I am so thankful nothing really scary happened.

    It is good to see you back around! 🙂

  2. Wow, that is so scary! Brielle’s cord was around her neck twice, but apparently I have supercords that either stretch or are REALLY long, ’cause it started making her heartbeat drop towards the end of my labor, but she was fine when she was born. It obviously didn’t get too tight on her.

    I’m so happy everything ended well! She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

    PS: Welcome back to blogging!!! We missed you!!!

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