1 week ago

One week ago is when I wrote my last post where I said I would fill you in on my Black Friday adventure later on in the day or over the weekend.  Well, I got kind of caught up and busy…so, here goes my late update.

 One week ago was Black Friday.  First of all, I slept around 1am on Thanksgiving and I got up at 4:40am – before the alarm clock went off. to get in line at a local Staples by parents’ house.  Long story short, I got there before 6am.  There was a long line that went in front of the Best Buy (I initally thought the line was for Best Buy).  I got INSIDE not even 5 minutes after it opened and by the time I got to the aisle I needed to go to, the stuff I stood in line for were gone. 

What, prey tell, did I get up for that early in the morning?  A 4GB flash drive for $17.78, 50 recordable DVDs for under $6.00 and a 500GB external hard drive for $79.90 something.  They were all in the same area and the hard drive and dvds were even set up on a special table.  That special table only had the pictures left by the time I got ther eand that was NOT even 5 minutes after the store opened. 

To make matters worse, people were greedy.  I mean REALLY greedy…I saw one guy walking around with a stack of flash drives and another one with a few in his cart.  I wanted to “accidentally” bump into one of those guys to wipe the smug look off of their faces and whilst doing so, grab a couple of flash drives.  I just wanted to buy 2.  2.  1 for me and 1 for my mom.  2.  Not 10 or 8.  2.

And even worse?  People didn’t take a shower (obviously, it was WAY too early), but hey…they could have taken one the night before OR at least put some deodorant on.  That takes all of 2 seconds and if they were worried about losing their place in line because of having to spend an extra 2 seconds in the bathroom before leaving, they should have just brought the deodorant with them and put it on in the  car.    B.O. is not a smell I like stuck in my nose =/

The day wasn’t all awash though…I ended up getting a new desk and chair.  When I got home, I tried my luck on the website and lo and behold, I could have just ordered online in the first place.  Granted, it took a LONG time (about an hour or so) of trying and hanging and whatever, but at least I would not have had to go out into the cold, get in line and get the smell of B.O. stuck in my nose.


Your thoughts?

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