Christmas Withdrawal

It’s 2 days after Christmas – am I the only one who wishes it was 2 days after Thanksgiving instead?  I’m getting a little sad knowing we’ll have to take down the decorations and put away all the Christmas wrapping necessities.  I wasn’t really into the whole Christmas spirit thing this year, but still, there is a pang of sadness within knowing that, pretty soon, the decorations, cards, tree and lights will all be down.  Beans, and even baby Razz, have LOVED the Christmas lights and it makes me sad knowing they’ll have to wait another year to see them again in the living room. 

I  already miss hearing all the Christmas music on the radio that starts playing after Thanksgiving and I miss Beans singing along.  Yes, I really did say that I already miss hearing the Christmas music.  It’s better than hearing 3 new toys, and a couple old ones, all playing at the same time 🙂   Besides, Beans has gotten really good with singing “Jingle Bells”, “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. 


Your thoughts?

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