quick update on the girls

Beans turned 26 months yesterday. She’s quite the ham, yes she is. She loves to sing and dance and used to just do it on cue. Now, she’s getting a little shy.  She’s still a total sweetheart, but she has her share of terrible 2 tantrums as well.  She knows all her colors now – well, the most common ones at least – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, pink.

She’s getting to be very independent, but will still give hugs and kisses without being asked.  She’s a little big girl and can pretty much eat on her own.  Now, if she would only sleep in her own cute little toddler bed, we’d be set…


Razz is now about 3.5 months and full of smiles and drool…ahahah…She has been coo-ing a lot and started to babble which is the cutest thing. She’ll really look you in the eye and just start babbling like she’s really talking to you and you understand her. She’s sleeping pretty well during the night – definitely better than Beans. She’ll knock out around 10 or 11 and won’t get up until 4am or sometimes even 6am. She’s still doing well with nursing, thank goodness and is gaining weight at a good pace and growing longer as well. She’s our little glo-worm 🙂 She started out looking a lot like Beans, but now, she is evolving into her own beautiful self. They still have similarities, but not as much as before.


Your thoughts?

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