Christmas 2007

Razz and Beans - Christmas 2007Christmas Eve 2007 was spent at my parents’ house- as usual.  We always have “noche buena” there.  Noche Buena is, basically, Christmas Eve festivities – eating, praying at midnight, wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday and opening presents.  If you want to read more about Philippine traditions, click on the link above – though we don’t practice that to the T.  Anywho, we go to my parents’ house and gorge ourselves on food and more food.  Liquor is there if you’d like, but each year that passes, there are less “drinkers” in the fam (me for example…I didn’t even have a glass of wine – just a sip of champagne).

The kids were all wide-eyed and pushed themselves to stay up past midnight to get all their gifts.  The adults (my siblings, in-laws and I) have given up on giving gifts to each other – we really just buy for the kids and our parents.  In lieu of the adults giving individual gifts to each other,  we do a Secret Santa so we only have to get 1 gift.  Usually, we pick names on Thanksgiving, but this year, my brother and his family were sick so they didn’t attend; my sister was in the Philippines so she, obviously, didn’t attend.  So, this year, we used an online tool to pick out all the names and post our wishlists with items that were, or could total, $50 since that was our min/max.   It worked out pretty well – I got my mom 🙂  My Uncle got me and got some stuff on my wishlist: my Swivel Sweeper and new cookie sheets 🙂   Even though we do the Secret Santa thing to limit gift buying (there are some members of the family where only 1 spouse works), I usually buy everyone – including my siblings and in-laws – gifts anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy to the point where I bury myself in debt, but just a little something here and there.  I only buy when I can and usually I can – except for last year when I was blind-sided with some unexpected bills.  Anyway, I always wondered if that made my siblings/in-laws feel bad…like they have nothing to give in return or if I’m rubbing in a double-income marriage or whatever.  But, that’s what I like to do…spoil the ones I love.

Anyway…we got Beans a tricycle even though she already got a bicycle on her birthday from her Godfather.  We figured we should give her a tricycle to start off with.  Good thing she is still at the age where she doesn’t care what she gets – she just wants to tear off all of the wrapping paper.  She got money, lots of clothes, toys and books and our house is living proof of that.  Our living room constantly looks like Christmas morning – you know, like when they open all their presents in a “Christmas Story”.   We haven’t introduced Santa Claus to Beans yet.  Well, she knows who he is, but not what he is capable of and what he does for all good boys and girls on Christmas.  I guess the “introduction” will be next year…oh boy, oh boy!

Razz got the same as Beans sans tricycle – money, clothes and toys.  She’s at an even better stage of gift receiving – she has not a clue at all…not even tearing off the wrapping paper 😉   Poor Razz missed out on all the festivities as she was sleeping the whole time, but we woke her up to take family portraits after opening presents (at 1:30 or 2am).

I’ve been building up “our” camera and recently gave pDaddy a new lens (Canon 28-200mm). So for Christmas, I gave pDaddy a flash (Canon 430EX) and diffuser for his “son” (he doesn’t “know” how to make boys so his gadgets become his sons).  He got me my DDR for PS2 and surprised me with a PS3.  Dude?  PS3?  I was expecting a Wii since it was cheaper and that’s what we’ve been talking about where video game consoles are concerened, but apparently they were harder to come by.  Still, PS3???  I was shocked.  We still talk of getting a Wii, but I told him that we would need to return the PS3 if we were going to get a Wii.  Neither of us are made of money and neither of us really need both, ya know?  Although, the PS3 does double up to be an HD-DVD player (which is why I think pDaddy got it in the first place…wink-wink).  I don’t know even know all of it’s capabilities – they seem boundless.

Christmas Day – we decided to just hang out at my parents’ house since we slept over.  Razz opened her presents in the morning since everyone else opened theirs the night before.  We just lounged around until it got dark and finally dragged our bum-bums and presents home.  This time, there was room in our mini-van for me to sit comfortably in the back.  I guess I failed to mention that I actually sat in the front seat going to my parents’ house.  We had to use the 3rd row seat (where I usually sit) for presents.  My mom summed it up best “Guess you gave more than you received.”  She’s right and I’m totally ok with that 🙂  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I would rather give than receive.  It took me a while to get into the Christmas spirit, but I got there eventually, though not whole-heartedly and I still have no idea why.  All in all, I still always kept the true meaning of CHRISTmas in my heart – the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

–keep the CHRIST in CHRISTmas–


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