Razz’ 4 Month Update

Razz 4mosRazz turned 4 months old on the 15th…She’s about 15 pounds and is an overall happy baby. She’s very generous with her smiles, just like her sister was. Seeing a mouth full of gums can brighten even the worst of days 🙂

Other facts about Razz @ 4mos:

  • She’s still nursing (WOOT! I am still so happy about this. Beans wouldn’t latch on for anything).
  • She’s not taking the bottle as well as she used to which means more nursing for me and less bottle feeding by pDaddy (= less bonding time for him 😦 ).
  • She’s not really taking the binky anymore either. She never really liked it, but she was starting to get used to it.
  • She still hates getting strapped into her carseat.
  • She still cries and cries in the car everytime we are stopped or are slowing down.
  • She’s very curious and stares down (hard) at anything.
  • She loves watching her sister play and act silly…she laughs and smiles in return.
  • She (sort of) turned over on her own on Saturday. The bed was a little tilted b/c people were sitting on that side so that’s the side she rolled towards. I don’t know if I really count that though.
  • She’s back in the bed with us, but that’s my fault. I started putting diapers and wipes, etc. in her bassinet in our room. I actually don’t mind it although I know she’ll end up like Beans (who is back in our bed. Yes, there are 4 of us on a Queen sized bed).
  • She likes it when we play with her hands or feet.

That’s all I can think of for now…

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