Potty Progress Report

Beans has been doing really well…For the past few weeks, we usually just bug her to pee first thing in the morning. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t.

Last Saturday, she pee’d all morning – a total of about 4 or 5 times. She even took her own diapie off. We were happy.

But Yesterday? Yesterday? We were ECSTATIC! Except for her first morning pee and her poopie, she went on the potty all day! I had her bare bum or wearing shorts. She would just tell me she had to go or she would just go on her own. She was doing well so I decided I would introduce undies to her, but I guess it was too much too soon. That’s where she poopied =/ Maybe she thought it was a thin diaper? All good though, I know it comes with the territory! She used the pottie a total of 10 (or was it 11) times. yesterday No bribery, just lots of praises, clapping, kisses and hugs! Hope we can keep it that way.

Today’s progress so far? Well, not as good as yesterday. She wet the floor 2x already. The only difference between this time yesterday and today is that she is wearing shorts whereas yesterday, she was bare bummin’ it. If she makes another mess, then we’ll just leave her bare bum all day again, maybe?

2 steps forward 3 steps back? Actually, no…I give her more credit than that 😀

Progress feels so good…

2 thoughts on “Potty Progress Report

  1. OOO…yeah, that would be a hard decision to make. If you do let her go bare bum, then I suggest following her around ALL over w/a mop 🙂

    Beans is doing well w/pants on now…I’ll update w/a new post later 🙂

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