Razz’ Discoveries

Razz was sitting on my lap the other day and she just stared me down. Then, she just put her hand on my face and started feeling around. Reminded me almost of how blind people would feel a person’s face out. No, I don’t believe she’s blind b/c we do show her things and she reacts. I just thought it was really cool. Ahhh yes…the simple things in life 🙂

In other Razz related news…

  • she’s ticklish 🙂 Love to hear her little laughs and giggles when we tickle her. She’s such a happy baby 😀
  • she discovered her hands / fingers and toesies…it’s the cutest thing. She’ll just stare at her hand and then move her fingers and get so amazed by it all. She also loves to grab her toes and when they are out in the open instead of inside her sleep-n-play, she stares at them and grabs them more.

Your thoughts?

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