“Fun” Mommy Daddy, Fun!

IMG_6154We went to see Nemo on Ice last Saturday (01.19.2008) with Beans. To say she LOVED it would be an understatement. You see, this girl LOVES Nemo. Back in the summer of 2006, she was about 10 months old when we put a DVD player in our truck and that was one of the movies we would watch. We had a variety of shows for her to watch – Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Muppets movies, etc. She watched those other DVDs and even really liked one of the Sesame Street DVDs, but nothing beats this Nemo movie. Nothing.

When we found out I was pregnant with Razz last January, we traded in the truck and got a minivan w/a DVD player. 99% of the time we’re in there, we’re watching Nemo. I know that movie inside out, upside down, whatever. I can probably recite that movie backwards if I had to. Beans has been copying some of the movie lines as well. For example, she talks in “whale” and then says “Dory…AHHHH”. She also says “mine, mine, mine, mine” and “shark bait – ooo-ha-ha” and a bunch of other stuff too, but i just can’t recall them at the moment.
Anyway…A couple of weeks ago, she started seeing commercials on tv for Nemo on Ice…She didn’t realize we had tickets already. We kept asking her if she wanted to see and of course she would say yes and be upset when the commercial was over. She would just keep saying “A Nemo…Where’d Nemo go?”

Well, the day finally arrives and we finally get to the venue. When we get in, of course there are stands of souvenirs with Nemo everything everywhere. We get situated and I go and get cotton candy (I know, such a bad mom, but the girl is allowed treats every now and then). This cotton candy came w/a foam Nemo hat. By the time I got back, the show started and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald are all skating off stage – scuba gear and all. She was already excited (did I forget to mention she loves Mickey and Minnie as well?). Her hands were up and she was waving goodbye to them. Enter Nemo and Marlin. Beans’ face and all her reactions were just priceless. I mean the joy that took over her face – wow…no words can explain the looks on her face.

She recalls it, I don’t know how vividly, but she does remember. She’ll just come up to me and say “Fun, Mommy Daddy…Fun!”. I ask if she had fun and she says she did and starts to name all the characters from Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Nemo, Marlin, Crush and even that scary shark Bruce.

To sum it up –

  • Parking – $10.00
  • Cotton Candy with Nemo hat – $10.00
  • Program with Bruce hat – $15.00
  • Picture with Magnet frame- $16.00
  • Nemo mug (with no sno-cone – she had enough sugar) – $10.00
  • Beans face – PRICELESS

Such genuine joy and happiness in the innocence of a child not yet unaffected by the crazy world.

-ps- so sucky that we could only bring the point and shoot camera and not the DSLR.  they really did their best to not let you take any good pictures (lighting, etc…)


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