The Cold, The Baking and The Weight Gain

I’m so glad that it’s going to be in the 40s this week. Really cold weather makes me want to eat lots and bake which means I eat / snack more and gain weight. That’s not helping my goal (and New Year’s Resolution) of wanting to lose about 30 lbs by the end of June.

The past couple of weeks where we only hit highs in the 30s (if that), I tried to help our heater keep up with, well, heating the first floor, so I would bake. It’s great having dessert all ready after a meal, but the cold makes me eat more than usual – not just at meal time. So, being that I am a WAHM, I would just keep snacking and snacking – ALL DAY LONG. I have actually gained gained 5 or 6lbs since New Year’s – I’m supposed to lose that much per month or more, not gain 😦

Today, I haven’t baked. I really want to b/c I love baking with Beans and I really want a snack, but I really need to stop the snacking thing or at least snack on carrot sticks or something healthy and not some cake that is made mostly of sugar and butter.  I also need to stop buying Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, M&Ms and other chocolate goodies.

Hey, at least I joined a local gym, right?  Last week I went 4x, let’s hope I can keep it up and go at least 3x/wk or more.


Your thoughts?

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