Playtime / Interaction

My girls…growing up so quickly!

Beans plays with Razz – sings to her, plays with her hands, tries to kiss and tickle her.  Razz used to get annoyed by it, but now she actually smiles and laughs.  I can’t believe how interactive Razz is now.  She will be 5 months old on Friday, so I guess she’s on track.    She’s not really rolling over a lot though.  She’s only done it 2x.

Anywho, they play well, but Beans is still a bit territorial.  If she’s in the mood, she will share her toys.  If not, well, stay away world!  She also plays with Razz’ toys and tries to show Razz how to play with them.  It’s the cutest thing.

Beans has been getting more mature too.  She tries to sing and teach Razz songs and the alphabet, colors, etc.  She’s a  huge help when she’s not acting up and is the cutest little big girl.  Whenever I change Razz and Beans sees her thighs, you’ll hear Beans say “Hi Chubby-Chubby”…lol…

I have some AVIs, but I have to figure out if it’s better to post on Vimeo or YouTube.  What do you think is better?

Your thoughts?

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