A glimpse in my mind today:

Haven’t posted in a week…let’s just say, the girls have had off schedules with napping (as in one would nap and the other would wake up) and I refuse to stay up late or wake up extra early to blog. But, today, they are actually napping at the same time. So, what’s been going on in our neck of the woods as of late? A lot and not all connect so I’m going to bring on the bullets.

  • Well, besides the girls having an off schedule, we’ve been busy preparing for Razz’ Christening. Yes, finally. Beans was baptized before she was 3 months old. Razz is going to be 5.5 months by the time she gets baptized.
  • Trying to figure out how to go about the reception of said Christening. We have the place from 12-4:30. The Christening is at 2pm. We finally figured it out last night that we’ll be at the reception from 12-1:30 and then head off to the Church and then come back. Sounds lame, but we have to do what we have to do. We were hoping that the Church had an earlier Christening – like in the morning, but nope…
  • Work has been crazy busy for both me and the pDaddy.
  • Razz has caught herself a cold / cough. I have no idea where she could have gotten it, but I’m going to blame the weather.
  • Beans is not so far behind that cold / cough. She woke up this morning w/sniffles.
  • Razz has become really playful – I shall make an entry for Razz’ 5 month update.
  • Beans has been doing pretty well w/her potty training, though I probably just jinxed it again.
  • Actually went out for dinner and drinks w/friends last Friday for my cousin’s 25th birthday (25 seems like ages ago to me now). Had a pretty good time, but it must have been a full moon b/c, at the end of the night, things were not so lovely. One of our friends got into a spat. Ok, more than a spat, a fist fight. We were gone already, but really? I thought we were too old for that, but guess not.
  • We also actually went to the mall on Sunday. That is rare. I think the last time we were in the mall was when we got the girls’ pictures taken for Christmas. Even then, we didn’t really walk around except dinner and the photo studio. Anywho, we went to the mall, but guess who forgot her wallet? Yup, moi. Guess that’s a good thing.
  • The laundry is piled up. Now that Beans is potty training, I really can’t keep up. I have to literally do laundry daily and more than 1 load per day.
  • I’ve been going to the gym at least 3x per week (except last week) for almost a month now. I have gained weight. I’m telling myself it’s because muscle weighs more than fat. I know I’m lying to myself b/c the Cookies and other snacks are almost all gone.
  • I don’t know how to stop myself from eating sweets, but I really need to. I really need to lose weight. Snacks and sodas and other sugary things are not helping my cause.
  • I’m getting fitted for my “Matron” of Honor dress tonight for my sister’s wedding. “Matron” sounds so…well, matronly. Anyway, I’m hoping that the next time I try the dress on, they’ll have to take it in…wishful thinking. I am so not looking forward to tonight. I am also not looking forward to walking in heels. Ever since I had Beans, I think can count the number of times I’ve worn heels (maybe 10…Beans is 2 and almost 4 months).
  • I’m re-thinking my stance on blogging. I like it for record-keeping purposes, but I stop myself from blogging more often and thus miss out on milestones and record keeping anyway (like Beans’ 1st monthsary for her potty training and Razz’ 5 month update).
  • I want to cut my hair b/c I hate this growing out stage,but I need to grow it out for my sister’s wedding.
  • I really want to go back to school, but I have no idea how I would pull that off right now.
  • I needed to move parking spots and 2 bozos took up 3 spots.
  • I’m hooked on VH1 reality shows – Scott Baio, Chris “Brady”, Bret Michaels and now Gone Country. What in the world has happened to me? None of them are quality shows by any means, but out of all of them I find the Scott Baio show the LEAST annoying. “Rock of Love” wouldn’t be so bad except some of those girls’ faces annoy me (especially Daisy). “My Fair Brady” is just ridiculously dumb, but you can’t help but watch. And PS, Adrienne’s voice is so annoying. And today? I saw my first episode of “Gone Country”. Bobby Brown was emotional and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) loves everyone. But, I don’t watch them when they first air. I catch them, if I can, while the girls nap during the weekdays. Still, seriously, what happened to me? So help me God if I start watching that Flavor Flav show.

Let me end it here and spare you anymore glimpses in my head.

fyi – it took me over 3 hours to publish this and that’s with the girls napping!  now, off to finish folding laundry…

Your thoughts?

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