That is how many days Beans has been:





The girl, she makes me proud!

Her continuous potty training began on January 17. She is “potty trained” (crosses fingers) as of 5 days ago which is February 21…not bad, not bad. Of course, there was about 2-3 weeks of constant “accident” induced laundry (omg…the loads of laundry!!!), but it has slowed down. I’m not sure if she’s really “trained”, but I will take it 🙂

She wakes in the morning – dry. She wakes up from her nap – dry. We go to family functions / parties and get out of the car – dry. I’m almost ready to say she is potty trained! Sometimes I don’t even put Pull-Ups (aka “big girl shorts”) on her anymore and just use Dora and Mickey/Minnie Undies. She still stays dry (and clean)! Of course, I probably just jinxed it b/c she has been napping for over 2 hours now and she will probably wake up wet. Let’s just hope not.

Here’s what she says to the whole thing:  “no more diapies…i’m a big girl now.”

edited to add:

she just woke up after a 3 hour and 45 minute nap…DRY!

Your thoughts?

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