Words for Razz

Lately, Razz has been saying little things here and there and expressing her self more and more.  Just this morning, Beans asked Razz: “What’s my name Razz?”  Razz answered, “Na-Na”  (which is what we sometimes call Beans).

Proud and stunned, Beans asked her again:  “Razz, what’s my name?”  Razz’ response this time?  “Ate*” (pronounced “ahhh-teh”).   Is that awesome or what?  She doesn’t know her own name, but at least she knows her sister’s…hehehe…I just asked her now what her name was, she said, “Dowa”…lol…This girls loves her “Dora, The Explorer”.

 What else has Razz been saying?

  • Dada, Dida, Daddeh – all forms of Daddy
  • Mama & Papa – my in-laws
  • Wowo (Lolo = grandfather in Tagalog) & Mum – my parents
  • Mumum (how she asks for a drink / water)


*”Ate” is how you address older girls  – sisters, cousins, family friends – in Tagalog.  You would put “Ate” before their first name, for example:  Ate Mary, Ate Jane).

“Kuya” (almost sounds like kumbaya minus the “umba”…lol) is how you address older boys – brothers, cousins, family friends…”Kuya” Jay, “Kuya” John.

Your thoughts?

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