Miss Beans turned 3 yesterday. 3. I cannot believe it. My baby is 3. Where did the time go?

I don’t even know where to begin w/Miss Beans and her awesome-three-ness, but I do want to say that she has become a great big “sit-ster” and loves Razz. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t fight with her, but hey, sibling rivalry knows no age, I guess…

To celebrate her third birthday, we went to Mass, had “donald’s” eggs and pancakes for breakfast..went over to drop off some clothes at the clothing drop off bin thingies by our local Pathmark, headed over to Target where we had LOADS of fun and had Pizza for lunch.  We were supposed to go to Party City to pick up her balloons and such, but she was passed out in the van before we even got out of the parking lot.  She was passed out for another 2 hours…

Then, later that night, we had family over for dinner, although some key members were missing. Still, we had a good turnout and birthday girl had fun. Her, usually quiet and “mahinhin” lil sis almost stole the show by dancing her heart out to “Happy Birthday”, but Miss Beans got the spotlight back – by falling off the chair. Not what she meant to do, but it happened nonetheless. Poor girl. But, no worries, she’s fine and all is well.

Her birthday party was supposed to be last weekend, but we had to cancel since she, Razz and I all came down with some combination of cough / cold / fever – Razz having all three. Being that her party would be oudoors at a Pumpkin Patch, we thought it best to cancel. We didn’t want to make them worse, nor did we want her guests getting sick. So, we missed out on the scheduled hayride, corn maze, pumpkin picking, face painting, moon bounce, pony ride, petting zoo, etc (don’t know if we would have done all that, but those were the activities available). So now, we’re going to just have her party w/her favorite rodent, Chuck (as in Chuck-E-Cheese – a place indoors, but germtastic…I’m pretty sure the girls will either share their coughs w/other kiddies – if they still have it – or get sick all over again…oh the joys).

So, anywhooooo…Miss Beans is 3 and is still as sweet as can be, but has her naughty side too. Will this be a continuation of her terrible two? Stay tuned… ;)


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