My Poor Sick Babies…

So my last post mentioned that we had to cancel Beans’ birthday festivities at the pumpkin patch due to the fact that we were all sick…pDaddy and I took them to their Pediatrician on Friday and he diagnosed Razz with Asthma…like their Momma…ugh…Of all the things they could have inherited from me, they got my lovely asthmatic genes.

We actually thought it would be Beans b/c for the past couple of weeks she would just start coughing at night and mostly, only at night.  She has all the symptoms, but that day, the doctor didn’t hear any wheezing.  Razz on the other hand, LOTS of wheezing.

The day before, Razz was breathing rapidly – almost like a dog panting.  I felt so bad for her.  She had to nap and sleep with her head propped up on pillows.  It was stacked so high it almost looked as though she was sitting while sleeping, but that was the only way she could breathe without struggling too much.

nebulizer the nebulizer

So, the doctors diagnosed both of them with asthma and they have to use a nebulizer 3x a day with 2 medications (one is just 2x per day).  I feel so bad, but at least it helps them breathe.  Once their coughs go away, I think I’ll stop using it or use it less on them.  I don’t want them getting all dependent…I wondered what others did.

I was having lunch w/co-workers today and we discussed this subject.  It surprised me that 2 out of the 3 other parents w/young kids also have nebulizers and use the same medication – Pulmicort (which contains steroids, by the way).   Are doctors prescribing nebulizers to every kid that has a cough?  Are they all diagnosed with asthma?  The only thing that made me feel better is that they said most kids grow out of it after they’re 5 or something.

Your thoughts?

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