Will I ever catch up?

I keep hoping that I can catch up and blog more often.  I was even thinking of joining NaBloPoMo, but well, I forgot and by the time I rememembered, we were 4 days into November.  I wonder if I can make up for my last few posts and still join?  I figured, joining NaBloPoMo would make me post more and be more disciplined in blogging my life…hmm…I’ll have to look into that.  There’s got to be exceptions, right?  Right?  I have some on draft mode and also can look back on what happened on those days I didn’t blog and post about it…hmmm…

So, I need to catch up with blogging and posting pics to Flickr.  I see my pics are still of Razz’ 1st Bday which was in September.  Since then, Beans celebrated her 3rd, I celebrated mine and Halloween came and went.  This time of the year is just always so busy for me (end of summer / fall) with work.  At least I posted the pics to KodakGallery (which is what I use to send pics to family and friends).


Your thoughts?

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