Weekend Update

Well, we were supposed go to Atlantic City this past weekend to celebrate my birthday (which was a couple of weeks ago).    But, around 11pm Thursday night, little Miss Razz decided she wanted to come down with a fever.  A high fever.  It started off at 102.4.  We gave her meds, her fever went down and we went to bed.  She was laying on my arm and around 3:40am, I asked pDaddy to check her temp.  She was 104 something.  We gave her meds and it went down.  Actually, that’s how our whole weekend went down – w/fevers going up…fevers going down and some puking in between.

Friday – Miss Razz had her fever which went as high as 104.6 and as low as 101.1.  We stayed in, finally closed on our re-fi (after 3 months…this could be a whole other entry), my parents stopped by to visit and it was relatively quiet.

Saturday – I lounged on the counch for most of the afternoon w/Razz. We were trying to nap, but we would wake up b/c was so congested, she couldn’t breathe.  Poor girl sounded like a donkey / gaggle of geese.  Her fevers were up and down again today.

Sunday – Same as Saturday except that we missed out on my niece’s bowling bday party.  pDaddy and Beans went to represent our fam.  Razz finally caught up a bit on her sleep since she slept from 1:30pm-7:00pm.  She woke up a few times, but would go right back to sleep.

I feel so bad for her…she hasn’t had a very good appetite and when she nurses, she has to keep coming up for air…like she’s swimming.


Your thoughts?

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