It’s Gotta Be the Shoes…

boots!Ahh yes…I love  I ordered 2 pairs of boots from them Wednesday early in the evening (i think it was before 7:00pm EST).  Thursday afternoon, my boots arrived.  Behold the boots that will make me shop even more b/c now I need to get outfits to go with them because more than any other accessory, the shoes make the outfit…(whew…that was one long sentence 😀 )

Madden Girl – Singerr in TAN (on MY right foot) – I now want this in gray.  SO comfy, but came a bit big.  I probably should have ordered a half size smaller.  Still, that leaves room for me to double on socks on those cold winter days (again, I don’t know when I’ll really be out b/c I work from home, but still…I think I just don’t want to return them I love them so much…lol)

Rampage – Berlynn in CAMEL (on MY left foot) – Seemingly comfy as well, but I don’t know how long I can stand on these.  I’m just not used to wearing heels anymore.  But for high heels, they’re comfy.

 Now, the shopping madness will begin becuase I need to get nicer tops, sweater dresses or just something that will go with the awesomeness of these boots.  I’m in love and they’re not even real leather!  So, maybe a sweater dress (that doesn’t accentuate my belly b/c then it will look like a maternity dress), some skirts and leggings?  hmmm…Plus, I have 2 more pairs coming – a pair of gray boots and that brown menswear shoe I mentioned in my previous post. Oh man, I need to stop.  I can’t shop too much.  I mean, we are in a recession.  BUT, like I told my girlfriend (after she called me “Imelda”[Marcos]), , I’m merely restocking my shoe supply.  Over the summer, I cleared out closets and the basement.  I gave out a lot of  my old shoes and boots b/c they no longer fit me (since I had my babies, my feet grew!), were out of style or b/c they got all nasty and moldy from an old flood we had (and the bin that had my shoes wasn’t shut tight).  So, yeah, I’m restocking.

I just have to remind myself not to go crazy b/c Christmas is around the corner and so is December…the end of another quarter which means possible layoffs and with this economy?  I don’t feel safe any longer, but I’ll always have my boots 😉

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