Datenight Escapades few and far betweenpDaddy and I don’t go out much anymore…especially since little Razz arrived.  Back in February, we realized that Razz was attached to my hip (well, my b00000b since she was, and still is, nursing). I remember we went out to dinner for my friend’s graduation and during our hibachi session, my mom kept calling.  In between the “hai” and chop-chop-chop, I would feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.  My mom would be on the phone w/Razz SCREAMING bloody murder in the background just crying her heart out.  They couldn’t do anything to comfort her – changed her diapers, gave her a bottle, carried her, rocked her, sang to her, etc…nothing worked.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to any other venues to hang out after dinner.   Razz, from that moment on, refused the bottle.  Even if I pumped, she wouldn’t take the bottle any longer.  That is still the case and I’m not sure how to wean her, but that is neither here nor there for this entry.


Anywho, pDaddy and I finally got to go out on Friday night.  My in-laws came over to watch the girls (since they can’t sleep over anywhere without us anymore b/c of Razz and her attachment) as pDaddy and I joined some of his co-workers for a yummy rodizio dinner w/unlimited sangria, beer, etc.  Dinner was yummy and so was sangria, as expected.  We even hung out at the bar area b/c they decided to sing some karaoke.  BSB’s “I Want It That Way” (yes, the Back Street Boys!!!  lol) was chosen by one of his friends and had the whole bar singing…so did “Born to be Alive”.  More drinks and merriment…

We realized it was late and we had to meet our friends for drinks (since it’s so rare we go out, we tried to pack it all in in one night).  On our way there, pDaddy got lost.  He never gets lost going to JC…that’s where he grew up!  We should have just gone home then, but of course, we found our way.  pDaddy ran a light (or 2), but  was confident that nothing would happen since he knows people there…well, unfortunately, that wasn’t so.  We were right in front of the lounge where we needed to meet our friends and there go the flashing lights.  Yup, we got pulled over.  pDaddy, got his car towed b/c his insurance and registration were expired (so unlike him!).  We tried to get out of it and pDaddy started mentioning names, but it was too late…they ran tickets through the computer and once that happens, they can’t rip them up anymore.  Because his paperwork was not up to date, protocol is to tow.  3 tickets later, we finally got to hang with our friends.  Of course, we were upset, but what can you do?  It could have been a lot worse…Like my best friend said, Luck (aka God) was on our side.  We closed down the lounge and our friends took us home. 

We woke up the next day with bad headaches.  pDaddy was able to go back to sleep until High Noon, I was not as lucky…Hello, little girls of mine!  Why must you fight and scream and cry while Mommy’s head is going “boom-boom-boom”?  He finally woke up and we were both comiserating about the fact that we’re old, we can’t hang anymore, our heads were pounding and our stomachs were out of whack.  While complaining, we looked for his updated paperwork and proceeded to pick up his car at the pound.  $150 later, pDaddy got his car back.  I’m thrilled he got it back, but sad he’s out $150…there goes my Christmas gift…lol…Still, that’s a high (or low) price to pay for a fun datenight/joyride eh? 


It’s like, hello…we should have known better, but I guess we were feeling young and carefree and acted it too except this time, we had no parents scolding us.  Just 2 little girls being little girls (and did I mention extra loud!), 3 parking tickets, $150 poorer and pounding headaches w/icky tummies to boot…so I guess I would have actually preferred the parents, but…

 ahhh…datenights…few and far between, but definitely don’t need to be this exciting…


Your thoughts?

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