Wish me luck…

Turkey is in my possession and has been thawing since last night.  Ingredients for the secret family recipe have been bought.  I also got the meat thermometer, baster and brush.  Even bought the necessities for green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and chicken macaroni salad.  This is the most amount of dishes I ever had to prep for one day/night.  I also have cookies or brownies or both ready for dessert…and ice cream too!

 Now, if I can only figure out what to wear for Thanksgiving tomorrow and Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday…hmmm…


If I don’t get to post tomorrow due to the crazy cooking / cleaning going on, don’t forget to give thanks and have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


ps – don’t blame your food coma on the turkey (tryptophan)…you simply just ate too much.  Which is totally fine 🙂  It’s Thanksgiving afterall….


Your thoughts?

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