Thanksgiving Weekend Recap


Thanksgiving Dinner for 4 – 2 adults, a 3 year old and 1 year old.   Garlic & Cheese mashed potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Chicken Macaroni Salad and some Filipino pastries (from the local Asian Grocery).  We’re missing the cream puffs and ice cream from the picture.  Turkey wasn’t burnt, by the way, that’s the marinade that makes it dark.  So, all that took me over 6 hours and the drumstick wasn’t cooked all the way (oopsies…I put the meat thermometer on the breast and not the drumstick).

our t-day dindinRazz & Beans watched the parade in front of the tv w/pDaddy and then they ate mini-burgers to satisfy a bit hunger until the turkey got cooked.  They napped and when they woke up, we ate and boy did we eat.  Beans said a “thank you prayer” which was basically like her usual prayer, but instead of saying “God Bless Mommy and God Bless Daddy (and every other member of the fam)”, she said, “Thank you for Mommy and Thank you for Daddy , etc”…and her toys got added in the mix.

This is the first year we didn’t have Thanksgiving at my mom or sister’s house…it’s the first year it was just us.  It was nice to just lounge around in PJs all day…Our parents did end up coming to visit later on that night so eventually, we showered and got dressed and by “dressed” I just mean, we got out of our PJs and threw on some ensemble w/jeans and a shirt or sweater.  We read Black Friday circulars – though all we did was read b/c none of us were too keen on getting on line at 4 or 5 or 6am.  People get a little too out of hand for these Black Friday sales. ( Did you hear about a guy that worked at Wal-Mart that got trampled and died???   Poor guy…poor family…and there was an 8 month old pregnant woman in that stampede too!  What is she doing lining up at that hour w/that crowd???  I digress…)  Anyway, our parents and pDaddy’s Uncle and cousin hung out for a bit and then headed home as we actually worked on BlackFriday.

pDaddy took Beans to work that day (note to self…upload pics) and she had a blast – even had her “own” cube and phoneline…!  la familia @ the Havana Tower Lobby areaWe ended up going to Atlantic City for the rest of the weekend and stayed at Tropicana.  Mum and Lolo stayed with us Friday night and they 2 got rooms for my sister, her hubby, her hubby’s niece, my sister’s MIL, daughter and nanny.  As expected, Tropicana already had their holiday decorations up…We watched a Christmas show and devoured Hooters wings and PF Changs.  All in all a good weekend w/the fam.  I lost $150, but at least pDaddy won at least $100 so it evens out.  Razz walking around the OutletsWe even did some shopping at the Atlantic City outlets on Saturday.  We got to the outlets around 2pm and Coach had a line.  We left around 5ish and Coach still had a line.  I wanted to know what the big deal was, but staying online OUTSIDE the store was just not an option – especially w/our 2 girls.

Definitely thankful for all of our blessings…big and small…


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