You know, when we had girls, we knew we would have our share of drama and attitude.  What we didn’t expect was encountering it so early on.

Razz got really close to my mom in the beginning of the summer.  We stayed at my parents / went there a lot b/c I needed help with watching the girls during the day since it was crunch time for one of my projects at work.  She got so close to Mum, that she even slept w/Mum and didn’t need to nurse very often anymore.  Then, we went to the Philippines and Mum wasn’t with us.  When we got back, Razz was shy w/Mum and had to warm up to her again. In September/October, Mum went to the Philippines and again, Razz had to get to know her again.  All was well and then Mum went to Mexico for a week.  She came back on Thanksgiving and Razz did all she could to stay away from her.  She would go to the other grandparents, but not Mum. 

When we went to AC this weekend, Mum kept trying to get Razz’ attention and kept trying to carry her.  Razz wasn’t having it and would cry / whine and try to go to me, pDaddy or Lolo (my dad).  When Lolo walks through the door, Beans and Razz run to him and want to be carried.  Not so the case w/Mum…(poor Mum…).  Mum would try to say “HI Razz…Hi….” and Razz would look at her and throw her nose/chin up in the air and turn the other way.  She did this to poor Mum all night on Friday.  Saturday morning, Mum tried feeding her breakfast and Razz wouldn’t open her mouth…Lolo tried and she opened w/a big mouth and even said “Ahhhh”.  It wasn’t until Sunday morning that Razz warmed up to Mum again…

I can’t believe she knows how to pull the ‘tude…already!

Poor Mum…Razz is lucky she’s a cutie )


Your thoughts?

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