I’m back…with 25 things, no less!

So, guess who’s back?  Back again?  lol…I hope everyone had a great Holiday and a Happy New Year (am I late or what???)  Sorry, but I’ve gotten sucked into the thing called Facebook…I know, I know…I kept telling myself I didn’t need to join another, but I caved and  I got really addicted to some of their applications so my poor blog here got even more neglected.  But, on the brighter side, because of Facebook, I present to you, 25 Random Things About Moi…(yeah, I’m wordy like that…lol):


1.  I am in love with (and happy and honored to be the wife of) a great man (yes, he is, though it’s not always evident to the naked eye…he is great deep down inside…WAY deep…lol)…I never thought that would happen b/c he was (is) my brother’s friend first and that was a big no-no…oopsies…


2.  I am the Mother to 2 beautiful girls – Beans (3) and Razz (1).  There is never a dull moment when they are around. I mean that in a good way…for the most part 😉


3.  Freshman year in College, I had a crazy metabolism and would eat ALL the damn time, but lost 15 instead of gaining the Freshman 10.  Whenever I didn’t have enough money, or no one wanted to walk w/me to get food, I would eat ketchup and rice in my friends’ dorm room.


4.  I am amazed at how far technology has come with everything – from computers to medical equipment to cars to TVs to video games, etc., but  I miss simple things too – like playing board games.  Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Scrabble, Monopoly or Life, anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


5.  I will never keep all jewelry together in one of those beautiful dark wood / mahogany jewelry boxes.  DH (“dear hubby”) probably gets annoyed w/my jewelry being all over the place, but I think it’s b/c I remember when I was about 4 or 5 (still living in the Philippines), a “family friend” came to our house, hung out, then raided my parents’ room and stole my mom’s blue velvet jewelry box that had almost all of her jewelry that she worked hard for…I mean jewelry she purchased w/her first paycheck, put on lay-away, etc.  She was BIG into jewelry, but that incident has since hindered her.


6.  I want to move out of Jersey.  I love it here for my friends and family, but it is just too overpriced and I think that something in this state gives off cancer vibes.  I know that’s genetic and what have you, but I know too many people that have/had it and one of the common things in living in NJ.  I have friends and family outside of NJ that are fine and dandy.  Maybe it’s all those power plants, power lines / towers?


7.  My hobbies used to consist of shooting pool and bowling. Now my hobbies are scrapbooking and photography (well, I like to take pics, but am not that great at it and scrapbooking has been put on hold since Beans became mobile).  I miss shooting pool and bowling.  I was never really good, but I liked to play – I even had my own stick for pool and bowling ball/shoes for bowling.


8.  Family and friends mean the world to me, but I am TERRIBLE at keeping in touch so don’t get upset if you only hear from me in spurts!  Email me / text me…I’m not much for talking on the phone.  I still can’t believe how many grammar and high school friends are on here that I haven’t seen / heard from in over a decade!


9.  I am in front of a computer all the time for work, had a Palm Pilot, a Treo (I think?) and now have a Blackberry, but still need a planner and address book that I can write on and update by hand…with a pen…or pencil.


10.  I name all my cars – – even if the last few aren’t as creative as the first…


            ”Jaws” or “Jaws Mobile”  – ‘80something gray Volvo StationWagon…I forgot the model…740???  My sister actually named it Jaws b/c she said it looked like a shark when it was coming up the hill into her view…lol..


            “Putt-Putt” – 1997? Toyota Tercel that was slow and I swear I could hear it going “putt…putt..pput…ppppuuut…”  (well ok, no not really, but it was slooooow), but hey, it got me places.


            “Betsy” – 1995 Toyota 4-Runner which was actually my sister’s first.  It had  a problem going uphill or high grade/mountainous areas…we used to rock back and forth saying “C’mon Betsy, let’s go…you can do it!


            “ZZ” – 2004 BMW Z4…ahhh…the fun car…how I miss thee.


            “Ody” –  2007 Honda Odyssey.  Hello Soccer Mom!  Lol  But seriously, it’s awesome. 


            “Au-Au” pDaddy’s 1996(?) Audi which I finally drove…2x.  It’s a stick and um, I’m the only one in my fam who can’t drive one.  Better late than never?


    Anyway, see?  Last few names?  Not so creative…lol…


11.  I love to travel, but always get “travel-sick”.  I don’t know what the correct term is,  if there is one, but it just means that I long to be at that place again.  For example, everytime I come back from the Philippines, I am always watching TFC (The Filipino Channel).  I remember when I got back from Cancun with my sister and Punta Cana with my girlfriends, I kept listening to the NY Spanish radio station (La Mego 97.9)  even if I could barely understand what was being said (what?  I took French in HS).


12.  I’m a full blooded Filipina (which, really?  Makes me a mutt, if you think about it).  Anyway, I’m Filipina, but don’t tan easily.  I’ve been called Casper – many a times.


13.  I’ve been w/the same company for 9.5 years – first job out of school…1 spinoff, 2 acquisitions, 5 email addresses, 2 cubicle changes, 1 phone number and a bunch of friends later, I’m still there, but now work from home which makes me a WAHM (work at home mom)


14.  I work from home and watch our girls at the same time.  It’s not an easy job, but somebody’s gotta do it.  I actually like working from home and love the fact that I can see the girls’ “firsts”.


15.  Working from home, I always get suckered into donating to whomever calls – Veterans Association, PBA, NJFMBA, FOP, ABCDEFG, 123456, etc….which means they keep calling and calling and calling and calling.  I thought we were on the DO NOT Call list??


16.  I have been blogging/reading blogs for over 5 years and still don’t know the correct way to pronounce “Meme” and don’t know where it’s derived from. 


17.  I know all the words and song lyrics to the movies “Grease”, “Lion King” and “Little Mermaid” and probably a few other movies and definitely a lot of songs.


18.  I suck at wearing make-up.  I only really wore eye make-up and lip gloss/lipstick/chapstick/etc., but that foundation stuff was never my thing.  However, age and environment, and whatever else I can blame, has now made my skin “need” foundation and I am such a spaz at applying it, but I try.


19.  I have a sick, sick sweet tooth.


20.  I use ellipses a lot  (you know, the 3 periods “…”) and parenthesis too for that matter (to convey more of my thought process…case and point…).  It’s annoying, but I do it anyway.


21.  I can forgive, but cannot easily forget.


22.  I am not very athletic or coordinated…I only learned to ski and snowboard 3 years ago and haven’t been back since, although I want to try again.  I definitely did better w/snowboarding than skiing – not that that says much. 


23.  The only sport I only really love to watch is Basketball – on TV, live, watching my DH play.  Although, DH did get me into Football this year.


24.  Back in May of 2003, I was crossing the street and got hit by a (black) Lexus SUV.  I flew through the air and felt like I was in the movie “The Matrix” b/c it seemed like forever before I hit the ground.  While in midair, I was praying and asking God to please let me be ok.  Then, I felt like I got carried by an Angel, which allowed me to land with a THUD, but not as big a THUD as one would think.  I got rushed to the ER’s Trauma Center via Ambulance and “walked” away (more like hobbled on one leg) from that “event” with scrapes, muscle spasms, an open wound on my foot, soreness everywhere, etc…, but absolutely NO broken bones or sprains.  I did have a fear of crossing streets for years after and didn’t like seeing Lexus SUVs…my in-laws bought one(blue) 2 years (?) ago.  It’s ok… I think I was over it by then and I don’t think they know.


25.  This is my 4th (and FINAL) attempt at this thing b/c I keep starting and not finishing it, or not liking what I had, or just whatever.  One variation only has one word per numbered item, but then I felt like I was cheating when I was listing:  “wife, mother, sister, etc…” as separate items.  One other one had over 60 + things because I was on a roll and I might just keep going on with that for my own self…whenever I have the time.

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