“L” is for the way you Look at me…

I was over at Carrisa’s and she had this thing going where you name 10 things that begins with a letter.   I was assigned, can you guess which letter?  Yup!  The letter “L” .  So without further ado, here are my 10 things that begin with the letter “L”.


  1. Letters.  You know, the kind that you write and mail and receive in the mailbox?  Your physical mailbox, not your email inbox.  I miss those.  Very much so.  With the advent of email, text messaging, chat, websites and blogs and etc, the only handwritten mail I get is of the greeting card / thank you card variety, but even those are getting scarce now.  There was one year we only got 10 Christmas Cards!  Yes, 10!!!!    Anyway, I used to love receiving and writing letters when I was little and had my cousins in the Philippines as pen pals.  I also had a pen pal in France somewhere too when I started taking French class.  She would practice English and I practiced French.   Nothing beats getting handwrittenletters (not bills and junk) in the mail.  I’ll even take them typed now!  Beggars can’t be choosey!  lol…
  2. Lists.  I think I have a list for everything…I have a grocery list, a To Do list, a packing list whenever we have to go somewhere, etc.  If I ever take notes, they are usually in list / bullet format.  Sometimes I blog that way too….it’s easier for me…I guess that’s why I like these “meme” thingies.
  3. Love.  Ahhh…love…Love is all around.  It is St. Valentine’s Day next weekend so everything has red and pink and white hearts all over.  I used to not like this Hallmark Holiday, but have grown to understand it – in a way…not the materialistic aspect of it all.  I know you should say “i love you” everyday, but the fact of the matter is, life happens.  Life can just get crazy and all over the place and then you just need a day to just celebrate the love.  
  4. Lost.  Love.This.Show.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about or you haven’t seen it, OMG!  It is just wow!  I’m kind of sad about the fact that there are only 2 seasons left after this one.  I’ll miss my Sawyer’s snide and witty remarks…and Miles’ too!  Actually, they haven’t had much of the “funnies” this season yet, but I’m not complaining.  It is still.so.awesome.  I feel like it takes forever for a week to go by.  I sometimes tinker with the idea of not watching it all season and watching it all on DVD. 
  5. Lips.  I have WAY too many lip products.  I don’t really wear makeup, but love lip stuff…glosses, lipsticks, lip balm, etc.  I have yet to find a fave.  I’ve been using this Lip Lacquer (nameless brand or is that the brand?) that I bought for $20 from the makeup artist my sister used for her wedding last June.  It stays on long which I love, but it is a thick gobbledy-gooky feeling.
  6. Liquor…and beer/alcohol in general.  I used to be able to hold my own and knock back quite a few.  I even out drank some of the guys (including my older brother), but those days are gone now.   I was feeling a buzz on Sunday night (watching the Superbowl) after half a bottle of Heineken.  I am now a light weight (and a cheap date!  pDaddy is happy…lol).
  7. Lladro and Lenox.  I secretly want to have a collection of these.  I have a couple of collectibles for the girls and want to just add more and more.
  8. Lexus.  I once got hit by a Lexus SUV.  See #24 of my 25 Things
  9. Late Bloomer.  That’s me…whether we’re talking about “coming into my own”, getting into baking/cooking, or just late in general.  That would be me.  I am rarely ever early and am more late than I am on time.
  10. Languages.  I speak 3 fluently – English, Tagalog (National Dialect / Most Commonly used dialect of the Philippines) and Kapampangan (Another Filipino dialect – from my parents’ province of Pampanga).  I am starting to get the jist of another – pDaddy’s dialect, Visayan. I believe it is said that there are over 100 Filipino dialects. 

I’m not quite sure if I have any readers out there, but now would be a good time to delurk!  Let me know if you want to participate and I”ll go ahead and assign you a letter.


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