Get Lost!

No, this isn’t going to be about last night’s episode (although…isn’t it sweet that Sawyer/LaFleur is a softie now?).   “Get Lost!” is what I wish I told the girl at the gym last night…

Getting to the gym last night was no easy feat.  I was running late…trying to take a Zumba class for the first time – which I decided on last minute.  pDaddy, also last minute, asks me to take his car instead of our minivan.  His car is a manual.  Meaning…it’s a stick and I have to actually get to the gym driving it and I’ve only driven a stick 3x…I only started to learn last December and then stopped when the first snow came so I had to put the driving lessons (which, I’m teaching myself b/c pDaddy stays home with the girls) on hold.

 Anyway, after a few stalls and missing out on prime parking at the gym b/c I can’t parallel park or park uphill yet, I missed the beginning of Zumba.  I also realized that I forgot my iPod/headphones AND my lock for the locker.  So, I headed back home grumbling and cranky and getting pissy at pDaddy.  Ugh…it’s aggravating when you keep stalling and doing K-Turns makes  you stall even more and you have start the car 5 times!  I got back home and got my iPod and lock and headed back to the gym.  There’s this one intersection that has a STOP sign which is also on a  mini-hill and I would always have to tell people to go ahead of me.  Once I lose my momentum (ie – I stop), I roll backwards and freak out…i stall and freak out.  I need to stop doing both.  At least there were nice people to ask if I was ok.  I guess the Emergency lights, telling them to go in front of me and hearing me “klutch and go-ing” made them think there was something wrong with my transmission.

So I finally get back to the gym and again, lose out on nice spots, but finally get in.  I get myself to the “Women’s Center” and see all 3 treadmills are taken.  No  biggie, I’ll go on the Elliptical for an hour and that should be ok.  So there I was, ellipticalling away while watching “Lost”.  I was sweating and going and pushing myself and yes, “Lost” helped the time pass.  When I had about 2 minutes left, there was this girl, who I noticed was a little restless, standing by the 1 and only ellipitcal I was on.  I finally asked her if she was waiting and she answered me with an attitude saying “Yes”.  You know that attitude where someone tilts their head and says “yes” at the same time with a raised eyebrow too.  UGH.  So I told her, 2 more minutes and I was true to my word. I got off and wiped it down.  I didn’t even get to the additional 5 minute cool down.  Right when she stepped on, she got a call. Guess her ride was there or ready to leave or whatever.  She passed by me and said “Forget it”, but I didn’t catch if she said it with an attitude or said it like, “forget it, I gotta go…My bad.  You can get back on”.

She was one of the 3 on the treadmill.  I didn’t stand behind her to wait to get her off.  I noticed she got off the ‘mill and got on a bike and then did some weights.  I thought that was all part of her routine. I had no idea she was waiting for me to get off the 1 and only Elliptical in the Women’s Center.  If she asked, nicely, I might have gotten off and moved over to the ‘mill which is what I was planning on using in the first place.  Ugh…why do I even feel bad about this?  Why am I even letting it bother me?


PS – Is it just me or does the Elliptical make your toes numb or maybe I’m just not doing it right?


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