boy, oh boy…

Little Miss Beans has been asking for a baby brother.  She has been doing great as an older sister to Razz lately.  She’s more into setting a good example instead of taking toys away from her (*angels sing*).  Anyway, I told pDaddy about the whole “baby brother” thing and of course, pDaddy was delighted to hear that…lol…I think he fears all the estrogen under one roof in the up coming years…lol…

Since we’re on the topic of Beans and things she says…Let it be known that she is a non-stop talker and is getting to be a pretty good conversationalist.  Still, here are some Beanie-isms…

  • Kung Fu the Panda” instead of “Kung Fu Panda”
  • “Forest Gum” instead of “Forrest Gump”. This is followed by – “Why is he in a forest?”  or “Why is it called ‘Forest Gum’?”  or “What’s Forest Gum?”

Oh man, there are so many more, but they are just slipping my mind right now.

She’s also quite the singer…once she starts, she won’t stop.  I really should post videos of her singing and take more.


Your thoughts?

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