Day 6/11 on the ‘mill

So today’s my 6th day on the Treadmill (well, I had one day on the Ellipitcal) in about 11 days.  For the first time in almost a year, I headed to the gym BEFORE the crack of dawn…I woke up at 6, hit snooze a couple of times and headed to the gym around 6:20am.  Got there and was on the treadmill by 6:35am and off I went.  I did the Cool Running program for the first 30 minutes and then just kept going until I hit 5 miles.  I think I like going at the crack of dawn…Not too many people at all so definitely no girl waiting for her turn on whatever machine I’m on.

I’m sure I’m not training properly for anything at this point, but again, I want to be able to “run” a 5k at the end of April and another in the beginning on May in less than 58 minutes (which was my time last June) and I also want to lose weight.  So, I follow  that Cool Running method for as long as it tells me and then keep going until I hit 5 miles to keep sweating and to lose the weight.

Some highlights from today’s workout:

  • Getting up BEFORE the crack of dawn (Why yes, I felt like I needed to say that twice.  That’s an accomplishment in and of itself).
  • 5 miles in 72 minutes.  Previous time was over 80 minutes.  Of course, I hit “STOP” 2x and therefore, no picture of that final stat…AGAIN. argh.  Might as well just use the Day 5 picture 😦
  • 2.14 miles at the approximate 30 min mark (30.07 mins to be exact)
  • Went 8 minutes straight at a 4.8 speed jogging – that’s the longest I’ve ever gone.  I know 4.8 isn’t jogging to some people, but it is to me.
  • I actually did a couple “jogs” from the Cool Running method at a speed of 5.1 – definitely a fast one for me at this point, but I did it.
  • Starting to get blisters 😦  This just sucks, but I kind of knew that it was going to happen today.  My socks might have been too thin and so my sneakers became too loose and voila…I have to figure out how to treat these suckers so they don’t get worse.

One thought on “Day 6/11 on the ‘mill

  1. Make sure you wear synthetic socks when you run. Cotton socks don’t breathe. Synthetic socks wick away the moisture.

    I use Bag Balm (comes in a green tin and you can get it at Rite Aid, Longs, or any drug store) on my feet. It keeps the blisters at bay. I have heard that Vaseline works, but I never had any luck with it.

    Keep it up! It will get easier.

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