Dad in the ER…again…

I feel like my parents are taking turns going to the ER w/heart issues.  Last year was my “Mum“…the year before, it was Dad – January of 2007. 

Sissy Pooh took my dad to the ER Saturday night b/c he was having palpitations and such, but somehow got over it and he opted to go home instead of getting more tests, etc.  Instead of resting on Sunday, he went to Chinatown w/his client to check out some close out sales so his client could buy stuff at a deep discount.  Did I happen to mention his client is a doctor who knew he was in the ER?  I don’t know, but wouldn’t you just say, “Hey, you were in the ER last night.  Just rest.”  Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, now Dad’s back in the ER and I hear they are going to do another Cardiac Cath to see if he has anymore blockages.  No one is with him.  Mum is in the Philippines.  Sissy Pooh is a nurse at that hospital, but she is busy beyond belief and my brother had to bring the boys to work and run his (my dad’s) errands and business and whatever else.   I was thinking of taking today off and could have then made arrangements, but no – everything was ok and set and my brother’s off and my sister’s there, but…turns out, things happen and now no one’s w/dad and I don’t know where to leave the girls…MIL is working.  pDaddy’s boss doesn’t really like it when he works from home.  My Aunt got laid off and she’s not working, but the girls don’t really know her that well.  I think Beans will be ok, but Razz takes a while to warm up.




ps – had sucky runs 2 days in a row, but that’s for another day.


4pm Update on Dad:

He has a 60% blockage on a main artery – the Mid LAD (I don’t know if I’m noting that correctly, but…).  He also has another blockage at 90%, but it’s not on a main artery so it’s not as worrisome as the 60% one.  Stents aren’t usually put in unless the blockage is at 75%, but they will give him a stress test to see if he needs it sooner.


Your thoughts?

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