Dad’s Diet…

Looks like I’m not the only one on a diet…

Daddy-Dearest was sent home from the hospital Friday night after his stress showed he didn’t need another Angioplasty.  He does, however, need to watch his diet. 

We Filipinos have poor genetics, in my opinion, and are susceptible to so many things – high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc.  My parents, have all of that, combined.  I think, I know, a lot has to do with our diet.  We are accustomed to eating WHITE rice with every meal.  Our meats are fatty.  In fact, we like the flavor the fat brings about.  Even though, we have lots of veggies in our dishes, we also balance that good with bad oils and other fats, etc.  A lot of Filipinos even use MSG (luckily, Mom did not), but I think that’s not as often now a days – at least I’d like to think so.

So, Dad has to get accustomed to a new diet (again) of steamed and grilled and boiled, etc…veggies, chicken, fish, etc.  He decided he wanted to go out w/all his children / grandchildren and called Vietnamese as his choice.  So, we went last night and hellooo…the only thing he could have had was the steamed fish and the summer rolls.  Poor guy, we were eating all the good stuff and he was limited to 2 dishes when there were 3 other good ones around (either too salty for him or beef or fried, etc.).

Last night was a good diet night for Dad, not so for me…though I did stay away from the white rice, for the most part.

Your thoughts?

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