Day 11 on the ‘mill

Not a bad one…I finished 2.51 miles in 36:29.  I was able to do 3 mins on 5.2 – straight, did some 90 second/90 second or 90/3minute intervals and then another 6 minutes on 5.2 straight later on.  5.2 is really fast for me and going for more than 90 seconds is awesome!

Day 10 was a street run on Sunday.  I did 3.4 miles in about 50(?) minutes.  I need to get a stop watch.  I used to have so many from doing my Run/Walks, but have never used them and I think I just gave them away.  Wish I had one now.

Day 9 was on the Elliptical on Friday – 4.87 miles in 50 minutes.  Watching reruns of the “Cosby Show” REALLY made time fly.  They were showing old-old episodes – Rudy was so little still and the Theo’s voice was still in that puberty cracking stage…lol.  I ended up adding another .31 miles on the elliptical that night since I had a few more minutes to go since I didn’t have to pick up my SD for another half hour or so…I needed to cool down anyway.  So, a total of 5.18 miles that night.

The scale isn’t showing much of a difference.  I’m going into week 3 and I’ve only lost 5lbs.  Those 5lbs, I basically lost in the first week so I’m at a standstill in the scale department.  I’m hoping it’s muscle mass keeping me at my weight…I definitely do feel a little “firmer” in some places – especially in my legs – and muscles weigh more than fat…right?  I have to not be so hard on myself.  I was getting really disappointed that I only lost 5 lbs, but I have to realize that:

  • A – I didn’t gain all this weight in just a few weeks or months…I gained it over the course of 3-4 years.  I can’t lose it all in just a few weeks /months.
  • B – Muscle mass weighs more than fat.
  • C – I have to keep up the good eating and gym attendance.  I drag my feet going there, but once I’m there, I’m in a groove…I just need to get OUT of the house and then I’m good to go.

Your thoughts?

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