Razz’ 18 month Update

Razz @ 18+mos...  ;)
It’s been awhile since I spoke of Razz’ developments…She turned 18 months as of the 15th…Let’s see now…

Some words in addition to the others:

  • “Ano”  (means “What?” in Tagalog)
  • “Bub”  (means “b00b” as in she wants to nurse)
  • No
  • Yeeetttt (for yes)
  • PooPoo – though she doesn’t really tell us unless we say it first.
  • uh-uh….I can’t sound it out, but it’s how she says “no” or doesn’t like something sometimes…complete with attitude!


She loves to try to color and write.  She’s getting familiar w/letters and once you tell her, she’ll be able to point them out to you.  For example, I was wearing a sweatshirt that had the word “Lifeguard” on it.  I’ll tell her the letters and ask her to point them out and she can and even says them too.  Well, almost all letters except I think G…?  She also recognizes the following letters – A, N, Y, P, R, S, T, E, D, I, C, O, M, N.  If I start saying the “A, B, C’s”, I will stop after every letter and ask her to repeat.  She does very well…she has  a bit of a hard time with H, W and a couple of others.  She mixes up a few – like, B, D and V, but that’s ok.  When we get to “K”, she’ll say “L, M, M”…hehehe…too cute!

She also now loves to hum and sing and makes up her own words or finishes the last word or syllable in (almost) the right tune.  Beans has started singing “I Can’t Smile without You” by Barry Manilow and “Can’t Fight this Feeling Anymore” by REO Speedwagon.  Razz will finish off the verses 🙂  too cute to see them singing together.

She loves to play and run around with her sister and enjoys the slide.  She also makes our living room into her own playground – climbing the couches and sliding off.  She also climbs from one couch to the next…makes our hearts skip a beat so we try not to let her do it, but she’ll do it anyway…lol…

She is still nursing and we’re working on weaning her more.  We just can’t get her to take a bottle / sippy cup for milk…She still wakes up in the middle of the night / early morning and wants to be nursed 😦  So, no, I haven’t slept straight.  Can’t remember the last time I did. 


And PS – she has about 12 teeth…yes, 12…and nursing.


Your thoughts?

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