Day 14 & 15

Day 14 was last Friday and I managed to get in a 5 mile treadmill workout.  I hit 3.22 miles (about a 5K) in 46:20.  I hit 5.01miles in 75:49.

The rest of the weekend totally negated all working out I’ve done to date…

Saturday – Oatmeal for breakfast…ok, not bad…But, had a boatload of sushi/sashimi for lunch (yes, the rolls w/rice too).  Dinner was yummy steak and a crazy chocolate madness dessert @ Longhorn Steakhouse for my Father-in-Law’s birthday.  Poor Dad couldn’t eat steak and he LOVED steak…still does, but just can’t have any due to his heart problems nowadays.  I learned all about steak and loving it from Daddy Dearest.  I felt so bad stopping him and telling him to get fish and/or salad…

Sunday – Breakfast of Pulvoron (a Filipino candy/snack made of sugar, flour, butter and milk)…not a good start.  Continued w/left over steak from previous night’s dinner and friend eggs.  More pulvoron.  Dinner – Chinese Buffet. 

I also did NOT work out on Saturday, Sunday or Monday…unless you count walking around Target on Sunday as  workout. 

Day 15 – 1.77 miles in 25 mins (best time yet) and that includes a 5 minute warmup and cooldown.  I think that I need to just keep up w/the Cool Running workout schedule and I should be able to “run” that Run/Walk at the end of April and beginning of May. 

After my Cool Running workout, I proceeded to get my arse kicked in a Kickboxing class.  I meant to also take a “Sculping with Bands” class, but missed it b/c I couldn’t find parking…6pm seems like a peak time at the gym.  Makes sense…people go after work and/take classes.

I feel good today, but I won’t make it to the gym tonight.  We’re going down to my parents’ house since Dad is leaving for the Philippines tomorrow.  Mum’s birthday is coming up and he’s going there to spend her birthday and Easter with her.

In the meantime, any ideas on how to kick this sweet craving I have going on???  I’m out of baby carrots so I can’t even munchon that.  mmmmm….want some Peanut M&Ms…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…Hershey’s Symphony Bar…mmmm….


Your thoughts?

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