Must Motivate…Can’t…Must!!!

But can’t! Remember all those posts I had, just 2 months ago about running and my workout summaries? Notice how I have’t updated (or even blogged) at all? Well, that’s b/c I haven’t gone…since March 23rd.


I have no excuse except for sheer laziness. I left for the Philippines on 3/31 and came back on 4/8 at night. I have been back for almost a month and still haven’t seen the gym. I’ve gained all the weight I lost from sweating in the gym and sweating in the Philippines. I was supposed to be on a diet when I got back so I could be in better shape for the wedding we’re attending on 5/17 AND I was supposed to continue training so I could “run”/”jog” the Run/Walks. None of that happened. Even the Run/Walks weren’t walked fully. I didn’t even walk the full 5K for either b/c the whole kit and kaboodle and I were late for both. The first one, I just half walked/half jogged the “Fun Walk” of 1.5 miles. The second, I walked 2 miles, pushing the stroller w/my MIL and stopped at mile 2 b/c it started raining.

Monday-Friday last week, and so far this week, my alarm would go off at 5:30am. I would wake up and just keep hitting snooze and then ultimately, just letting it go. There were even a couple of days where I woke BEFORE the alarm. There were nights where I would sleep in my workout clothes so I would just need to get up, brush my teeth, wash my face and throw my sneakers on. This morning, I did it again…woke up before the alarm only to go back to sleep…ARGH! I don’t know what my problem is!!! AND I can’t really go at night b/c it’s been busy w/errands, grocery shopping, landscape/plant/tree shopping and taking Beans to TaeKwonDo (she’s TOO cute! pics/video will be posted soon!).

grr…I need to shake it off and get out of this rut!!!


Your thoughts?

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