The month of June is usually associated with Weddings and Vows. In keeping with the theme, pDaddy and I vowed to do a “NO CARB” diet (aka Atkins). Thing is, it was just an idea he came up with on a whim and we never researched it fully. So, I need ideas on what to eat and snack on. I hear you can’t do much in this “Induction Period” (first 2 weeks).

I, personally, think I’d prefer a Low-Carb diet and I’m sure it’s better than No-Carb…I might break this vow sooner than the next couple can say “I Do”. Although, I am on Day 4. Days 1 and 2 were ok. Day 3 (yesterday) had me all sluggish and headache-y. I made it to the gym on Days 1 and 2, but b/c I was so exhausted yesterday, no gym for me. I’ll attempt to go again today.

So, any ideas on food? Or, should I attempt another diet and did it work for you?


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