*shakes off dust*

Been awhile, again…Much too much going on this summer and I’m not complaining one bit! Let’s do Friday Bullets, shall we?

  • The Diet – I stayed on it for over a month and still going. Didn’t get all strict about it (as in I would have junk food here and there, but rarely), but I still haven’t eaten pasta, bread or rice (and that’s HUGE for me b/c I loves me rice)!
  • The Weightloss – Well, I lost about 10 lbs. Seems like I’ve hit a plateau and am not sure what I need to do in order to lose more, but I’m happy about the 10lbs so I’m not stressing it toooo much.
  • The Running – I’ve been doing well…actually can run 1 mile straight now which is a BIG improvement for me. My best time for a 5k so far was from Wednesday night on the treadmill: 42.22. I get bored on the treadmill so luckily, the weather in the northeast has been quite nice to jog/walk at night. Still, I haven’t set my pedometer correctly so I didn’t know what I was really running and had to do it on the treadmill for accuracy.
  • Summer Fun so far – We had a lot of parties so far (graduation, wedding shower, birthdays, etc.). We hit a local zoo and the State Fair. Beans went on rides for the first time and yes, folks, she is our daughter! She LOVED them! She went on a Ferris Wheel and Rollercoaster with me and wanted to keep getting back on. She went on a couple of rides herself as well! I should get those videos up on Flickr or something. Razz and pDaddy couldn’t join in on all the fun b/c Razz is not tall enough, but Razz had fun munching on cotton candy and “looking” for us on rides.
  • Cotton Anniversary – We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on 7/7. Yes, we got married on 07.07.07. I was 7 months pregnant with Razz. I love the number 7. pDaddy never liked it until I pointed that out to him 😉
  • The Weather – As I mentioned, the weather has been cooler on the Northeast so far this summer…with the exception of late yesterday and today. So yes, the hot / humid summer weather is upon us and sorry, but I wasn’t missing it at all. Still, I guess that gives us a reason to jump in the pool during my lunch break. woo-hoo!
  • Pictures – We’ve taken so many, but I’m too lazy to upload to Flickr. I guess I should upload to Flickr the same time I upload to FB.
  • Twitter – I have an account, but it doesn’t appear correctly on my sidebar…hmmm…If it did, I would update it more often. Then again, seems like everyone’s just twittering instead of blogging these days. I kind of miss reading blogs.
  • The Grim – Is it me or have there been so many deaths as of late? Celebrities like Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcet, Ed McMahon…Friends, Family…Yesterday, my BIL’s cousin passed. He was 34. Still unreal. Today, it’s my BIL’s bday. Poor guy is, needless to say, still devastated.
  • The Great – My girls have been awesome!
    Beans is one week from testing for her Yellow Belt in TaeKwonDo. She’s really starting to get really good at writing letters and talks so well that my Dad is still in shock when they have conversations.
    Razz is starting to really formulate words and makes little sentences. She recognizes all the letters although she still gets a couple wrong here and there. She also knows her colors. Her favorite color is Pink and knows her sister’s fave is Green.
    Both of them LOVE to sing and talk and play and swim and well, fight…ahhh siblings…but it’s always nice to see them hug and kiss and make up

So, that’s what’s up in these neck of the woods. I’m determined to upload pics soon and post more often…Hopefully, it won’t take me over a month to post again!

Your thoughts?

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