Blog Funk

Yup, it’s obvious that I’ve been in a funk when it comes to blogging. Work’s been crazy. Summer’s been busy. Working out has been a part of my life now which takes up time. Girls keep me busy and let’s not even get into the loads and loads of never-ending laundry and droves and droves of housework/chores. Still, I take time to read blogs (those of whom still blog) even if I don’t always post one myself.

Felt good to read Miss Zoot’s blog the other day of where she talked about being in, and getting out of, the Blogging Dumps. I promised myself that I would get back to blogging once I had a chance to breathe and well, I lied to myself b/c I, instead, found myself updating FB all the time instead of blogging. I have a love / hate relationship with that site, but we can leave that for another entry (woohoo! did I just come up w/an upcoming entry? wowzer). Anywho, I’m taking her lead and have kept a “notebook”, a mental one anyway, and will be posting more.

So, what’s the reason, besides being busy, that I’ve been such a blogger-slacker? Big part of the reason why I started slacking was because of pictures. Can you believe that? We keep taking beautiful pictures, but I’m too lazy to fix / post them up on Flickr when I should just upload them at the same time as I upload to FB. I feel bad that I haven’t captured the girls’ developments b/c of my lack of blogging because, hello, I’m not exactly doing a good job w/updating their little “About Me” book. I don’t even remember when Razz got her first tooth! Bad Mommy 😦

So, yes, from now on, I will be better…but I will be, most likely, MIA for a few weeks at the end of August/September…vacay time! VACATION’s ALL I EVER WANTED!


Your thoughts?

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