Water Babies

My babies, they love the water! Guess they really take after us in that respect…

water babies

We attended my bro-in-law’s tiki/luau bday party yesterday and neither couldn’t wait to get in the pool and Beans didn’t want to get out. When we got there, Razz kept saying “swimming…? swimming…?”. Beans just wanted to jump in ASAP and I lost count of how many times she asked us if she could just go swim already. We finally got in and Beans wasn’t having when I said it was time to get out. She just wanted to keep kicking and lounging with her “donut ring”. She did, eventually, get out after some coercing and bribes of cake and ice cream. At least Razz said she was “all done” after a bit.

It was a great party…which almost didn’t happen. My BIL’s cousin passed away Thursday at the young age of 35. They’re saying Cardiac Arrest, but it’s still weird and unreal. I found out he had a heart murmur as a kid and took medication for it, but again, still weird and unreal. We had a moment of silence for him and continued on with the party. His mom said that’s what he would have wanted…RIP LD…

Your thoughts?

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