“Death – the only sure thing about Life”

edited at 12:06pm: Detective DiNardo was taken off life support at 9:35am. RIP…

I don’t remember where I read/heard that quote, but it’s true…a hard fact to swallow, but true, nonetheless.

I went to a wake last night and was still baffled I was there to begin with. A whole lot of us there, mourning the loss of a 35 year old friend, brother, son, uncle, grandson. I’m sure we’ll be going to another one soon for the police officer who’s now on life support after 2 shotgun blasts to his face. He will be taken off at any moment, if he hasn’t been already as his family has agreed to donate his organs. Even in death, this police officer is a hero giving/saving lives. God Bless Him and be with him and his family. He will be survived by his wife and 3 young children along w/his parents. Man…I just think it’s so wrong that a parent has to bury his/her child…

2 wakes in a span of 7 days. That’s just unreal.

My sister’s hubby is also a police officer in another district and I can’t even begin to imagine what her life would be like. I can’t imagine what anyone’s life would be like to lose someone they love so deeply.

On the way to the wake last night, pDaddy and I got to talking about what we would write for each other’s obituaries and what we would like done. I said I wanted everyone to wear white, or at least white tops/shirts. White is just more comforting to me than black. It could be classifed as a childish/immature thought, but I don’t know, white = good, black = bad. Maybe the white will let the Angels and God see me better? Whatever, it’s just what I want and he wants the same things, though probably not for the same childish reasons. We also both want to get cremated. I think that’s against our Catholic religion, but I feel better going that way. I don’t know what I would want done w/my ashes, but I always wanted them spread out at sea…then again, that freaks me out as swimmers go about their way. Again, another “childish” thought? As for obituaries, we always remember the good, but I hope it doesn’t come to that to always think about the good in people. We also wondered how many people would turn up. pDaddy has a lot of “enemies” and I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends and acquaintances through the years. I joked and said I just hope I know how to handle myself when all of his ex-girlfriends show up…lol…Gotta break the ice somehow 😉

Still, as sure as death is, the sun also rises and sets. I need to just keep thinking positive thoughts and focus on my children and family and realize how truly blessed I am to be with them and watch them grow. I need to appreciate more and keep seeing the good in everything.

-ps-I need to also just come up and write something with more levity, but it’s just hard to block these thoughts sometimes…especially at these times…

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