“Vacation All I Ever Wanted” – the Go-Go’s

Besides all the morbidness (is that even a word?) clouding my head, the other one is vacation.

In less than a month, we will be on vacation! This has me in a bit of a panic mode b/c:

  • A – I haven’t even sorted out any of the clothes we have to pack. We are going to a very hot and tropical place and yes, I know it’s summer, but it hasn’t really, really felt like summer here in the NorthEast. We’ve had more spring weather than summer, as of late.
  • B – I have to pack clothes for 3 of us (me and the girls) and probably pDaddy to – to some extent. Let’s not forget that I will need to pack toiletries and other necessities for the fam too. Let’s also not forget that I will need to pack stuff for the girls to keep them busy on the plane.
  • C – We haven’t finished booking all other hotels/flights to other places we are planning on going.
  • D – I haven’t gone shopping for any new clothes and I will need some b/c of losing some weight (woohoo!).
  • E – I am paranoid about the girls being on the plane for such a long time (yes, we’re pretty much going halfway around the world). But, we did it last year, so I hope we pull it off again.
  • F – I still need to lose more weight b/c I am still about 10lbs away from my goal and 20lbs away from my ULTIMATE goal (but if I don’t get there, it’s ok…I’ll still be happy if I lose another 10).
  • G – Work. I am leaving during one of our busiest seasons and I feel so bad for the 2 ladies that will need to back me up. We are all overloaded w/work, but what can I do? I wish they would hire more people “onshore” so they work our hours. We have 8 “offshore” analysts, but my clients wish to keep their work US based (thank goodness b/c that still gives me a wee-bit of job security).
  • H – Expenses. For some reason, we have found ways to save money on payments for necessities, but still aren’t saving as much as we should. Why is that?????
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Your thoughts?

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