“I Love You Just the Way You Are”

Guess who told me that? My girl Beans who will be 4 in October.

She’s noticed that I’ve been going for jogs/walks or the gym lately. She loves when I bring her and her sister to the gym b/c they get to play in the playroom (child care). It also gives me a bit of leverage so she stays good “Want to go the playroom? You need to share w/your sister and be a good girl”.

Anyway, she asks why I go to the gym and I was trying to tell her I am working on getting healthy and losing weight.

“Losing weight?”

“Yes, baby girl…Mommy needs to lose a little weight.”

“Like getting tiny or wait, skinny?” (girl listens to my conversations w/pDaddy more than I thought).

“Yes, but more getting in shape and being healthy” (I don’t want her all crazy paranoid about weight at such a young age).

“I don’t want you to be skinny, Mommy. I love you just the way you are!”

My heart…I think it just swelled up a hundred-fold.


Your thoughts?

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