Losing Weight is Expensive!

Why is that?

Eating healthy is expensive. I realized that when I was pregnant w/Beans and wanted to be healthy. I would go to the local supermarket close to work and eat from their salad bar which is paid for in weight. I would easilty spend at least $8 for lunch. That was 4 years ago and that still hasn’t changed.

Ever since I went on this semi-no-carbs diet, our grocery expenses have gone up. Need to keep going multiple times per week so produce is fresh…which leads to buying other things and if the girls are with me, we’re buying even more (ahhh…this answers part of the question of my last entry on why we’re not saving as much). Then again, I guess spending more now to eat healthy will lessen doctor’s/hospital bills later on for not eating/being healthy.

The gym is expensive. I wish we had room for an ellipitcal machine or a treadmill. That’s all I really use at the gym except for sometimes when I actually use their weights/weight machines. Then again, if we had those machines at home, I would be paranoid with the girls going on them and I’d probably just end up throwing clothes on top of them. Anywho, since it’s been cool at night, I actually have been walking/jogging outdoors anyway. I should take advantage of my membership and take some classes or something.
Clothes. Not only have I had to buy more workout gear, losing weight is causing me to buy smaller sized clothes. Then again, I LOVE that I have to buy clothes in a smaller size, but it adds up. So far, I’ve done a good job hunting for old clothes that are still in style. Good thing I wasn’t all into fads or I’d be screwed. I was so happy last night to fit into pants I haven’t worn since the summer after Beans was born and even then, they were snug. Last night? A bit loose 😉 I also found some old shorts/skirts from that same summer.

I didn’t realize how expensive it could be to look/feel good, but I finally am getting to a point where I’m starting to feel good about the way I look…and that’s all that matters, right?


Your thoughts?

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