To Go or Not To Go? That is the question…

This morning, I took the girls with me to check out a preschool for Beans. She’ll be turning 4 in October so I thought it was time for her to get acclimated to a “school” environment. But, I found out that she doesn’t make the cutoff and will have to be in the 3 year old program instead of 4. If we put her in the 4 year old program, she’ll probably have to repeat it anyway…unless, the School Director feels that she’s ready to move on to Kindergarten next year. At that point, we’ll have to petition w/the Board of Ed.

I was thinking of sending her for 3 days a week – half day sessions. The Director told me we could put her in that program for the 4 year old class and if she has to repeat, she can do the 5 day session next year.

I’m debating this b/c I feel that Beans is ready for school, but don’t really want her to have to repeat and well, you know, finances. If we could hold off another year w/o having to pay for school, why not? Right? But then again, I feel like I’m short-changing her by keeping her home for another year…Another year of not being in a school environment…another year of not being around kids her age to learn social skills and such. I’ve even been debating homeschooling, but I know I’m not at all certified or qualified or whatever. I wouldn’t know where to begin, but so far, I have to say, I’ve been a pretty good teacher to the girls and they are smart cookies!

What to do…what to do???


Your thoughts?

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