That’s the color of the day, folks!

Beans is testing for her Yellow belt later this afternoon and I, for one, can’t wait! I can’t believe it! She started TaeKwonDo (TKD) late April and has REALLY loved it! She asks me every morning if she has class that day. There was a point where she would get all upset when class was over and didn’t want to leave! She’s been wanting her yellow belt ever since May – when she was exposed to the fact that other kids were testing for them (and other belt colors). She’s also been obsessed w/trophies. Her TKD studio has trophies and plaques all around and she’s just been wanting them. A little birdie told me that if she passes, not only will she get a certificate and a yellow belt, but a trophy as well!

Ever since the Instructors told me last week that she was ready to join in the next round of testing, I’ve been so excited. I think I’m going to be an emotional mess once I see her reactions to receiving any of the 3 things I mentioned. I just REALLY hope she gets it…I guess I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, huh? Still, I’ll be a mess either way!


Your thoughts?

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