Veggies? Yuck!

Beans used to like veggies. She used to really, really like them and she would even ask for them. “Veggies? Please?” “The green ones!” “Carrots!” Razz, on the other hand, was never really into them. I guess it rubbed off on Beans because now, BOTH don’t like veggies. What gives? pDaddy and I can’t figure out a way to get them into it either without practically forcing it down. Should we try mashing them up or cutting them so small? hmmm…

I’ve been eating a lot of salads as of late. It’s a way for me to keep on with my healthy kick and it helps that it’s summer b/c it seems more refreshing to eat salads nowadays. Everytime they see my salad, it’s a choir of “ewwww…salad” or “ewww…yuck” or “ewwww…veggies”.


I thought eating more healthy around them would rub off, but apparently, they influence each other and I, do not. grrr

Your thoughts?

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