Swimmin’ and Grillin’ – Tuesday Lunch Edition

Swimmin' and Grillin' - Tuesday Lunch Edition

We swim and grill…a lot! Well, as much as our busy schedules and weather allow us to.

Today, I figured the girls would love a quick dip in the pool to cool off as we are feeling the summer heat (it is only the end of July). I don’t know why I don’t do this for lunch more often (I do work from home). I thought it would be great to grill first so that lunch would be ready after our swim. While grilling, the sun was shining – no beating – down on us. Sweat was dripping profusely. Once we got in the water, Mr. Sun decided to hide behind the clouds – the entire time we were in the pool. Once we went in to eat, he decided to shine on again. Go figure! I reckon Mr. Sun likes to see my white/pale legs or as my sister put it, my legs are so white I “outshine the sun!”. It’s my Sunny personality…yeah, that’s it 😉

Your thoughts?

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